Powerful point-and-click that just works

Build Chatbots to profile and route customers

Scale interactions to millions for leaner teams

Bulk Messages to millions of Customers over 8 channels

Multichannel Campaigns over even SMS and Voicemail

Segment Audiences and Actions by keyword response

Daypart messages for different time-zones

Get the most full-featured Salesforce messaging app for Australia that integrates to everything

Fully-featured text automation over all
11 pre-built channels

Australian Network
Connectivity and Number Selection

Select from a list of desirable local Australian mobile numbers, both shared and dedicated with high reputation

-no grey routing

Reliable message delivery with top tier
Australian carrier integrations

SMS delivery to all Australian mobile devices with carrier integrations to Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone

– no international routing needed

Stay globally local and penetrate markets with our Salesforce messaging app for Australia.

Choose major channels popular in the region

Scale  messages in local vernacular

Daypart messages for different time zones

Manage local phone numbers, Route calls to native speakers

Market to Australian social media users effectively with an advanced Salesforce texting app for Australia 

Social Media

80% of Australians have social media and 77% of them use Facebook


Nearly all (~98%) of Australians that use social media do it over mobile which makes FB Messenger crucial

Fully featured automation

360 SMS is the only Salesforce app to offer all its exclusive text automation features over Facebook Messenger

Access business inboxes for online SMS 

Email to Text

Receive and reply to text messages from any channel over an email through a desktop or mobile app.

Branded Sender ID

Create instant recognition by using a branded phone number, shortcode, or SMS keyword

Virtual Numbers

High quality number for better integration with CRM and email

Protect your brand with set-and-forget
messaging compliance

Complete compliance for opt-ins, opt-outs

Fully configurable Communication Controls are just a few clicks away to help you stay compliant with local regulations.

Create your own custom criteria for opt-ins, opt-outs

Users can also add their own custom criteria with just a mouse click, which would otherwise take years to code for other vendors.

Manage preferences, Don’t get blocked completely

Give customers a real choice over message preferences, opt them in or out of messages from selected channels, geographies, languages, departments, or individuals.

Meet Australian Compliance

Compatible with Australian Data Sovereignty and local storage in Australian data centers
Meets the Australian Privacy Act of 1988 and the SPAM Act of 2003 - Easily manage consent, identity , and unsubscription
360 SMS app comes from an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company

Get complaint and reliable
text messaging throughout


We’re available in AEDT and AEST

Our teams are there for you                   
                                                                            – round the clock

Dedicated Australian Support @ +61 48885 3632

Get Salesforce guidance, development, and lifecycle
in Australia.

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