Get all of our messaging expertise
in a Facebook Live Chat

Facebook pages
lift heavy

Run Interactive campaigns for millions of users simultaneously

Let customers
message you from

All you need is a Facebook
Business Page

Don’t have one?
We’ll set one up for you.

Manage and connect all your data and processes in a Salesforce backend

Already have a
Facebook page?

Put it to work.

  • Millions of
  • Payments
  • In-store Experiences
  • Purchase Assistance
  • Knowledge bases



Connect to 1.3 Billion people without regional restrictions

Make it easy for potential customers to connect with you
anywhere, at any time,
and start conversations conveniently

Build trust globally

You won’t even need to assign localized numbers to call back prospects.

Simply use your Messenger ID
to call them back on desktop or mobile apps.

Lower customer care costs

Move away from voice and email to
intelligent responses and guidance

Prevent escalations and build trust

Handle cases faster to reduce customer
anxiety and improve retention

Enable productivity for busy teams

Qualify inquiries through a chatbot,
send away messages,

Accelerate and smooth out purchases

Improve collections,  send invoices, give buyers
confidence in your brand


The best and quickest way for Facebook Salesforce integration is the AppExchange app. It helps you with quick and convenient Salesforce Facebook messenger integration and provides numerous pre-built capabilities to manage Facebook operations faster. Plus, it eliminates the need for upgrades, as most AppExchange apps come in managed packages.

Salesforce Facebook messenger integration is a process of connecting Salesforce and Facebook messenger. It helps to sync Salesforce and Facebook data providing users with a consolidated view of data to manage conversations and nurture Facebook leads.

Users can pick an advanced Salesforce text messaging app from AppExchange that provides Facebook as a pre-integrated channel. They can automate messages in Facebook messenger using its advanced no-code or standard Salesforce automation capabilities.

Salesforce Facebook Messenger

Use Salesforce Facebook Messenger Integration and get all of our messaging expertise in a Facebook Live Chat

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