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What else you can do, with 360 SMS App?

On Thursday, May 9th at 12 PM EST our Business Head (EMEA), John Smith, will give a quick 40-45 minutes webinar that covers the following:

1. Successful ways we see Industries using SMS marketing

2. Trending features of  360 SMS App in 2019

3. What else you can perform and expect with 360 SMS Ap

About Us

The App engages Industry Leaders to connect with their clients and colleagues, enables advertisers and deals, through text messages, MMS, etc. Not just that it empowers directors to send instant bulk messages and even mechanize the reactions. 360 SMS is an effectively actualized incorporation of inbound and outbound Text Messaging (SMS) and MMS (sending pictures and documents) abilities inside Salesforce.


Thursday, 9th May 2019

12.00 PM EST


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USA: +1 315 210 8482

UK: +44 7403922917