Sending SMS through Process Builder

Sending SMS Through Process Builder Basics
Salesforce Process Builder is a no-coding method to easily handle triggering Outbound Text Messages as well as to process Incoming Messages based on Keywords or other factors. One can literally trigger on any object. Common objects to trigger off of are:

Lead/Contact – Common use cases are when various fields change and you want to trigger an Outbound SMS.

Custom Objects – Similar to Lead/Contact use cases. 360 SMS supports triggered messages from any custom object and its SMS Templates support all custom objects.

SMS_History – Especially useful for incoming SMS – read the message and do something else based on the Incoming Message, either updating the Salesforce record or sending out some other question based on the reply. Useful for Surveys, i.e. Reply with INTERESTED or NO and then SMS_History.Message = INTERESTED updates a field or status in the corresponding Salesforce record.

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