Send globally-local messaging
from the UK

Activate channels
popular across the United Kingdom.

Send bulk messages in
British English, Dutch, and French too.

Stagger messaging times for non-GMT time-zones.

Direct local calls and messages to native speakers of English, Dutch, French, and more.

Integrate branded or Local UK Numbers
and Keywords with the CRM

Get High Quality Numbers

Have your pick of high quality
+44 UK numbers

Keep your old number or Sender ID or select from a list of desirable shared and dedicated UK mobile numbers, short codes, or long codes with high reputation. You can also receive SMS on landlines.

- absolutely no grey routing

Ascertain message delivery with
top tier carrier integrations in the UK

Deliver SMS reliably to all recipients with carrier integrations to EE, Vodafone, Three, O2, Tesco Mobile, and Virgin.

UCS-2 and GSM are both supported.

– no international routing needed

UK customers moving from voice to data swiftly

Market to UK social media users effectively

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram,and WhatsApp takes thelion’s share of attentionin UK, with surge in usersas recent as in 2021.


UK and Irish customers still follow Facebook the most for business

Fully featured automation

360 SMS is the only Salesforce app to offer all its exclusive text automation features over Facebook Messenger and Instagram

Manage first party data and consent easily with
our GDPR Essentials

We’re ISO 27001

360 can provide UK
only Data Centers

Our DPA is
Schrems 2 Compliant

We don’t store
any data whatsoever

Protect your brand with set-and-forget
GDPR messaging compliance

Configure double Opt-in and Opt-out compliance with just a few clicks, other SMS services are still catching up.

We provide customizable, user-defined criteria for Opt-in, Opt-out that no other vendor does.

Let customers select which channels, geographies, languages, departments, or individuals they want to receive messages from.

Set up communications and interact from UK
with customers globally over a variety of tools

Route requests to the right KBs or the most proficient agent or team

Setup Campaigns over WhatsApp, FB, SMS, and Instagram with Drips

Automate Actions by processing keyword replies like ‘STOP’ or ‘HELP’ received over text

Scale interactions from UK to millions with automated 2-way Chatbots

Bulk Message Compliantly to millions of recipients over 10 channels

Schedule messages for after-hours to non-GMT time-zones

Pre-integrated to all
Salesforce Platforms

Using Salesforce, Pardot, Marketing Cloud or any other SFDC product for texting?

No sweat, our texting app is already fully embedded andCompatible.

No need for long-drawn and poorly-planned Salesforce Integrations.

Leagues ahead of any
vanilla integration

You’ll be able to use the full force of our app to send messages from Salesforce so you’renot limited to just vanilla, Salesforce mass texting.

Marketers, yes you’re getting SFDC, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Pardot Text Messaging App Integration for mass texting, but a lot, lot, LOT more.

Integrate the most
popular UK channels, messengers, and more with Salesforce

Get our best features
over all 11 in-built Communication Channels

UK Favorites

Global Messenger Favorites

Voice Channels


Voice Channels


We’re available in your timezone

Our teams are there for you                   
                                                                            – round the clock

Dedicated UK Support @ +44 740 327 9473

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Get GDPR complaint and reliable text messaging throughout UK


Get Salesforce guidance, development, and
lifecycle support
in the UK

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