Reduce marketing spend
with visuals processed by humans at

  • ~6x speed for shorter sentences
  • ~600x speed for full-length sentences.
360 Sms App MMS for Salesforce- Multimedia Communications Get seen Faster
  • Send response-triggered, MMS
  • Get analytics to identify the best MMS templates
  • See click-through and delivery data to trim lists, reduce spend
  • Send pictures, audio, phone contacts, and video files
  • Handle upto 300KB and 1600 Characters reliably
  • Trigger response-based MMS
  • Send vouchers, business cards, passes, tickets, barcodes,
    forms, menu, and text-based documents.
  • Share visual maps and directions to venues.
  • Dramatically bring down MMS spend
  • MMS for the budget-conscious
  • Repurpose graphics
  • Education
  • Vouchers & passes, tickets, Barcodes
  • Business Cards
  • Maps
360 Sms App MMS for Salesforce
  • Menus
  • Mini-Catalogs
  • Accessibility
  • Forms
  • Mix and match

Expand reach beyond OTTs for non-OTT-enabled devices
and capture upwardly-mobile audiences

– Great for specialized, value-added messaging
– Use eye catching, contextual content
– Enriched Communications
– Convenience, accessibility, and shareability
– Can be checked for deliverability, click-throughs for URLs
– MMS content can be displayed over multi-use web browsers
– Suitable for a major swathe of handset configurations
– Sends music, animation, interactive media

Salesforce MMS Integration

Use programmable messaging automation for MMS
Strengthen professional conversations, preview products with a visual appeal, re-use creatives, and put forward your brand innovatively

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