68% of people in the United Kingdom have stated that they would like to receive offers from brands on their mobile devices………..

MMS or Multi-Media Service is something that everyone is quite familiar with. Sharing of multimedia files include images, voice notes, links, etc. with other people over a specific mode of communication. It has become a common practice now, people have been using it quite often now expressing their thoughts and feelings with much ease.

Why MMS is important?

MMS is important because sending regular text messages can set a monotonous tone between you and the person you are having a conversation with. Using MMS makes conversations interesting and more meaningful, which would have been boring otherwise. Using multimedia files never goes out of trend.

How 360 SMS App can help you Using MMS Industry-wise?

Real Estate: For the real estate sector, it can be used well by the property dealers. They can easily send out a picture of the property to respective prospects over which they can discuss the price later. It is going to save time as well as money.

Healthcare: The healthcare sector can also make well use of it. They can send out medical reports to the patients on time making them aware of their health. They can also send over a link to them for booking an appointment with the doctor.

NPO: MMS can be used well enough in the NPO sector too. People can share important updates of multimedia format to help out each other. They can also share images of the noble tasks done in order to make the people aware.

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