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Automate The Entire Giving Sequence

Identify Donors
Engage Donors
Profile Causes
Gamify Giving
Receive Donations
Gift To Appreciate

Indeed, it takes a potent coming together for factors
to get a prospect to donate.That includes
– a prospect’s capacity to contribute significantly,
– interest in the important work you do,
– the convenience of payment,
– relevant giveaways,
– and of late, fun & gamified fundraisers.

Alone, none of these is a surefire way to raise goal amounts.

The texting automation features you’ll access with 360 SMS
let you move through all of these stages to increase giving.

Pull at the right strings
with 360 SMS.
Find out causes your donors care about
and how your work correlates

Find common ground and causes to segment and personalize communications, updates, and requests, that hit home hard.

Make payments faster
and let donors partake in change easily

Trigger ‘Text-to-Donate’ message sequences using advertized campaign keywords to send over a web-link to the donation page.

and showcase your work

To help you make your case,‘conversational text’ in 360 SMS facilitates sharing multimedia and hyperlinks, over a convenient handheld medium.

Donor Communication

Give donors the opportunity to contribute to something valuable and larger than themselves on the day of an important life-event Like an anniversary or birthday.

360 Sms App bring your own number
Open Yourself Up To Questions
For Advancing Negotiations

Donors tend to scope out options to maximize the dollar value donated and to address issues closest to them.

Here, personal communications are an incisive way for representatives to let your patrons know about endeavors scheduled for the future.For a more involved donor, you could always schedule an appointment over text to show them your work on the ground.
Donors Engaged

Fun-runs, triathlons, cookouts, carnival, and more.
Advertising them all is a breeze with 360SMS Campaigns.


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