Release Notes

Release Note: 1.253

New Feature:

Previously, if a number wasn’t assigned to a user, you couldn’t send messages. But now we have introduced a feature called Auto Assign Numbers, which is by default enabled. Whenever a record is updated, it will automatically assign the number to the user.

You can add keywords to the Restricted Keywords section under General Settings in the SMS Setup. These words will be restricted from being sent to the customer.

We have introduced three new channels with the SMS Composing Module, i.e., WhatsApp, SMS, and VoiceMail.

New features are added to field mapping when you create a new record. You can View, Edit and Delete a new record with the drop down (as shown in the image).

This new functionality will mark your incoming messages as read after you send an outgoing message to the same message. To enable this functionality, enable "Mark Incoming as Read" in the General Settings.


When a customer clicks on the incoming/outgoing button, we fetch the partner and customer community license.

The "from" address will also be shown when we send emails through a drip campaign.

In the VTP History, verified phone numbers can be changed and re-verified, and the details can be seen on the details page.

You can now see the "WhatsApp profile name" field on the SMS History page.

You can now create different templates for different channels. Select your desired channel on the "Create SMS" page and choose the template.

This functionality lets you enable user signatures (as shown in the image) to send signatures along with your messages in batches. This works for bulk messages only.

Previously, only the user signature was displayed, but now you have the option to enable the functionality to send the record owner's signature. This functionality won't work in the case of speed boosting and cross-automation.

Previously, we displayed various objects on the object setup page that clients would likely not use. Now, the number of standard objects has been reduced.

While scheduling a message, the message will be sent immediately if the time period is too short (2 to 5 minutes). This feature is usually for automated messages.

Earlier in the conversation view, we could see only numbers in place of ‘To number’, now we can see the API of the number. For example, if it’s a mobile number, ‘the'mobile number’ label will be displayed; if it’s a landline, home phone, or any other number, then that label will be displayed.

Previously, we created custom settings in the client’s organization, where we supported only five formats of numbers. Now, more than five formats are supported.

If two contacts have the same number, one of them is removed and marked as duplicated so that the same number won’t receive a message twice.

If you have blacklisted any number, you cannot send messages or voice notes to that number. If you try to send a message to a blacklisted number, an error will be shown.

When you select Send Message in Apex Class through Process Builder, you need to fill in the following information, as shown in the image below.

Minor Bug Fixes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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