We’re not a walled garden, we let you keep your old numbers

Other messaging applications may issue new phone numbers or application numbers when you switch to them Keep both your number and provider when you choose us.
You’ve worked hard to cultivate an audience and brand recall. They remember your numbers.
Why throw all of that away?


Bring your own Number

Your existing number gets ported or hosted to 360 SMS

360 Sms App porting from mobile numbers,Fixed lines and virtual number


Bring over just SMS capabilities from mobile numbers, fixed line numbers, and virtual numbers (VoIP).

360 Sms App bring your own number

We ‘port’ VoIP too but not Mobile

No vendors ‘port’ mobile numbers. Only fixed line/ landline numbers and virtual numbers (VoIP) are portable. We’re one of few vendors that port VoIP too,

360 Sms App to bring your own provider

Bring your own Provider

Your Provider comes over to 360 SMS



Bring over both SMS and Telephony from fixed line/ landline numbers and virtual numbers (VoIP)


Don’t have a number? We’ll set up one for you

Fixed-line long codes,  shortcodes, Free To End User (FTEU) numbers, VoIP. Choose any carrier, any aggregator

Retain phone number recognition and carrier plans for numbers that you spent money advertising

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