Broadcast announcements,
Program conversations,
or let customers chat with a human

  • Notifications
  • Reminders
  • Alerts
  • Broadcast messages
  • Campaigns

Send SMS from Salesforce to millions globally

Run interactive campaign with millions of recipients simultaneously

Ensure messages reach to 93% devices, including feature phones

Automate selection of senders and local phone numbers in real-time

Schedule messages for daylight times arounds the world

SMS is the most interoperable form of messaging

Get long and short codes from us

360 Sms App Auto Response - Have a lean Team,Get a response

Have a lean team?

Get auto-response

Some customers, especially international ones may reach you after hours

Automate after-hours replies so customers feel acknowledged and not walled off specially international

11 channels with Salesforce SMS

Get 11 other communication channels built in for
whenever you’re ready to jump to other channels with an ultimate Salesforce SMS integration

Rest assured, you’ll get all the features
over other channels too, if not more

  • Configure Chatbots with decision trees
  • Trigger actions for reserved keywords
  • Automate millions of interactive conversations for Sales, Service, Marketing, Operations

Configure everything

without code,
and more

Meaningful conversations

Configure decision trees to
change answers depending on replies

Qualify responses before you send
customers to your team

Relevant touchpoints

Filter responses in bulk
for reserved keywords to segment audiences

Send SMS with Salesforce that are appropriate
for different stages of completion in sales, service, or operations



Empower teams with granular controls for everything,

including Chatbot answers and campaign schedules

Land messages directly in a notification bar

SMS Salesforce campaigns unlock unmatched
deliverability and reach across all
age groups, devices, and countries





90 sec





Salesforce does not allow sending and receiving text messages in its barebone format. So to enable SMS in Salesforce, users can count on Salesforce SMS API integration or a third-party Salesforce texting app (like 360 SMS). Integrating an app from AppExchange, users can incorporate Salesforce SMS messaging capabilities much faster as it hardly takes 5-10 minutes to integrate an app, and by using the advanced features, users can send bulk messages, text in batches, and converse one-on-one enabling SMS in Salesforce.

Yes, you can send SMS using Marketing Cloud mobile studio, But this is pretty expensive (670 times to be precise) compared to the 360 SMS Marketing Cloud add-on. Salesforce Digital Engagement is another way to send SMS. Besides, you can choose the top-rated Salesforce SMS app from AppExchange, like the 360 SMS app, and get advanced Salesforce texting capabilities for faster text operations.

SMS to case is when an SMS case is already open for a specific record, and an agent receives an SMS from the same record on the number capable of receiving text messages, it will automatically add the SMS text to the case. You can count on Salesforce settings for assignment rules for new Salesforce text messages.

Salesforce Messaging

Broadcast announcements, Program conversations, or let customers chat with a human

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