Enable fully-featured Telephony from Salesforce with 360 Salesforce CTI

so teams can work faster in one place
with a straightforward app setup
to build relationships, solve issues faster
so teams never miss a call
and increase service levels, meet SLAs
and access conversation history securely
360 Sms App to Qualify Inquiries Faster
360 Sms App Regulate manage call sessions
360 Sms App Increase call Service Availability
360 Sms App Handle Larger Call Volumes
360 Sms App Route call flow to the right department
360 Sms App to Prioritize Callback Lists
360 Sms App to choose Smarter Dialling Codes

Help tele-sales teams with more context and meaningful conversations with advanced Salesforce telephony.

Generate calling (calldown) lists and let the CTI dial them automatically. Save time typing and skipping DND opt-outs.
Point and Click
Configure endless levels of IVR Integrated Voice Response) with point-and-click, Qualify inquiries before they reach the queue
Announce with Voicemails
Use text-to-speech autoreaders in male and female voices to announce offers or
Track all complaints
Let agents pick up where they left off, View customer records, case numbers, chat history, disposition, and call recordings
Automate confirmation
Trigger SMS, voicemail, or IVR response to confirm appointments, account status, or service tickets
Increase service levels
Scale service, free up call lines with automatic termination, reduce case handling times with record views and IVR routing
360 Sms App fully Salesforce embedded with Connected experiences
and integrated
with actions, records
Zero servers and storage
for AppExchange
Ensure business continuity and help teams take calls from anywhere
– home, office, mobile, or desktop
360 Sms App A Salesforce Call Centre with teams
360 Sms App stay off block lists and blacklists with easy DND Opt Outs

Unwanted calls can annoy your prospects and invite litigation.

360 CTI lets you manage users who aren’t interested in receiving calls with DND (Do Not Disturb) opt-outs in Salesforce.

If an agent is bulk dialing, the CTI will automatically skip the numbers and records that have opted-out of unwanted calls.


Salesforce CTI Integration syncs Salesforce and computer telephony data, allowing users to make calls and manage phone conversations using a consolidated view of Salesforce data. Salesforce phone integration helps with automatic transcriptions of telephonic conversations. Accessing numbers stored in Salesforce records, users can build their customized list and put numbers on auto-dial to reduce manual dialing, allowing users to save time.

One real-life example of CTI is when a caller calls an agent for assistance; the agent connects the caller to the relevant department based on the query in no time. Besides, callers also have IVR configured for ‘Self-help,’ reducing calls in queue for customer-facing agents. These are a few real-life examples of how Salesforce CTI integration in Salesforce lightning helps to serve customers better.

Salesforce CTI integration helps agents to handle every incoming call successfully using advanced capabilities like call routing, conferencing, call transfer, call forwarding, etc. Besides, it eliminates the need for repeatedly collecting the same information from customers and agents, as they can take notes while on call and perform necessary actions before and on due dates. Users can personalize conversations right off the bat as a pop-up shows the caller’s information in the event of an incoming call. Also, Salesforce telephony integration allows users to configure IVR and provide self-help options to callers, which helps reduce call queues

Unify telephony and messaging
with a global platform
built on Salesforce

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