Desktop Dialer: CTI Integration in Salesforce Lightning

Get closure, Finish conversations

Dropped calls? Automate reconnection through Voicemail or text, and send important URLs parallelly through text

Append Recordings to Engagement Histories

for complete interactions, reference, coaching, Along with text.

Use Telephony in parallel with 360’s other capabilities
and showcase your work

Amp up agent productivity

Customer Views For Meaningful Conversations
  • See customer engagement histories and URL-clicks while you call.
  • Send KB articles, messages, Voucher codes, and more, while on-call to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Record all calls for training and service.
Easier Navigation
  • Make In-line record edits as you retrieve details over calls
    Without loading a separate page.
  • Call from your desktop.
Call Routing
  • Use Omnichannel to route calls and reroute them when busy.
  • Incoming call alerts on the side utility bar.
  • Omnichannel to route calls based on pre-call SMS surveys.
  • Make calls from the same numbers To ensure that prospects will pick up.
  • Add other team-member to calls for matters like case escalation, detailed answers.
Power through Campaign Calldowns
  • Use telephony in conjunction with Keyword responses and filters to find targets for outbound calls.
  • Bulk dial several numbers from a list.
  • Use lists for campaign call-downs.

that helps
prepare and impress

– Call your prospects directly.
– Proceed to advanced deliberations seamlessly.
– Use a dialer to connect with customers from anywhere.
– Improve communication through coaching.
– Prospect more, administer little.
– Make sure records are updated simultaneously.
– Fast dialing
– Prepare for the conversation, greet customers by name

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