1. Standard Automation in 360 SMS

Automations have become an integral part of every business process to cut back on the manual intervention of employees and accelerate business workflows. So, to make it convenient for organizations, 360 SMS supports no-code and coded automation that users can choose based on their specific use-cases. Users can automate text messages through point-and-click no-code automation or custom coding.

1.1. No Code Automation for Admins

Reliance on developers every time for automation wastes a lot of time and causes a delay in text operations. Thus, admins can count on no-code automation to automate text messages without being dependent on developers. 360 SMS supports three ways to automate the flow of messages without coding knowledge, which are:

1.1.1. Workflows

Workflows are triggered by events. So, workflows can be used to take actions immediately or after a certain period when the defined criteria are met.

1.1.2. Process Builders

Process Builder is more powerful than workflows. It can do anything that a workflow does except sending outbound text messages. Users can trigger multiple actions based on the conditional statements in a single process.

Process Builder gets users a visual interface for mapping automation which is not available in Workflows. With Process Builder, users can define the exact order of operations, which is not feasible in workflows.

1.1.3. Flows

Flows give a similar automation capability to admins as developers have. The key difference is admins can automate through clicks, and developers can automate messages through coding.

Flows are user-triggered applications, and with flows, users can take actions on records for multiple objects. But in workflows, actions are related to specific and related Salesforce objects.

1.2. Custom Code Automation for Developers

For complex automation use-cases, users can count on developers to automate messages through coding. 360 SMS supports two ways to automate the flow of messages through coding, which are:

1.2.1. Apex Code

Apex is the only programming language in Salesforce and helps with the most complex and large-scale automation. So, it needs the developer’s assistance who possesses extensive coding knowledge to automate messages through Apex coding.

1.2.2. API Integration

API Integration is another way that needs the developer’s assistance to bring in automation in text operations. So, users can also automate the flow of text messages irrespective of the complexity of the use case through API integration.

Simplify Complex Use-cases through Automation and Improve Business Processes

Whether an automation use-case is simple or complex, 360 SMS provides no-code point-and-click automation for the simple use-cases and automation through coding for the most complex business use cases. Users can easily count on their own capabilities, admins, and developers for SMS automation and improve their business processes.