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Story Behind the “Evolution of Text Messages”

Text messages AKA SMS (Short messaging service) have become a vital part of our lives since their inception. It was in the year 1992 when the first ever text message was sent by Neil Papworth. It is not much time since the text messages evolved, but talking as of now, it can be clearly seen how important place they have acquired today in an individual’s life. The GSM mobile phone handsets do not support the ability to send or receive text messages. Nokia was the first handset manufacturer to produce a mobile phone with a full keyboard. Talking more about the history of SMS, we have come across a long pathway. From keypad mobile phones to completely touch screen mobile phones, we have witnessed a long yet interesting past of text messages. Continue reading to get more insights on the same.

The following-mentioned short points will take you on a journey of SMS from its inception until today:

evolution of text messages

And this is not just it. There is always so much more associated with the term ‘texting’. Earlier, text messages only meant alphabetical texting and nothing more. It later evolved to emojis and stickers. And now, it has grown so much more advanced and modern functionalities including Hyperlink Tracking, iText, Campaigns, etc. Yes, these are the terms which you must have heard about if you are using Salesforce as your CRM software. Previously, it was just used to generate more leads, trigger more lead conversion and for other marketing as well as sales purpose; but now with the advent of technology and the present era witnessing a focus shift from other marketing methods to SMS; it also provides its customers with the various texting apps on its AppExchange platform. Those apps can be used well to conduct successful and efficient marketing campaigns to achieve the desired results. Customers can make a choice from the different apps available as per their business needs and requirements and also keeping their company’s budget in mind.

So, in this article, we discussed the long yet interesting journey of text messages. We talked about the evolution of SMS from the late 1990s to the present’s technological era. Messaging has always been an important part of our lives and it would remain like this in the coming years as well, the difference would be just that it would have evolved with various advanced functionalities till then. Today, SMS has over 98% open-rates which is the highest among all available communication mediums. Not a fact to get shocked upon when we already know so much about the same!