1.URL Shortening

1.1.1. SMS Length 

Adding long URLs to a text increases the number of SMS segments. This further impacts the SMS bills as text messages are charged based on segments. So, a link shortener auto-shortens the URL sent in a text and also prevents text messages from splitting up into multiple segments.

1.1.2. Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) is a tiny identifier that users can add to the end of a URL to track traffic sources for a page that users have added to different places like an email and an SMS. Users can add UTM to identify geographies, time, sources, etc., of traffic.

1.2. How to track the click-through rate of a URL?

Users can easily track an auto-shortened URL sent in a text. So, users can easily gauge interest and segment lists based on their interests.

1.2.1. Notification Badge

In Conversation View, as any recipient clicks on the URL, users can spot a change in the notification badge number displayed on the globe icon. This globe icon is located right next to an SMS in the Conversation View, as shown below. 

No number on the globe icon signifies 0 clicks. More importantly, users can only send and track only one URL in a text.

360 Sms App,How t track the click through rate of a url

URL with zero Clicks

360 Sms App by Change in URL Click through as a user Click a URL

Change in URL Clickthrough as a user clicks a URL

As users click on the notification badge number, they can view other details about the URL like when a recipient made the first and last click, as shown below.

360Sms App to Timestamp for first and last click made on the URL

Timestamp for first and last click made on the URL


360 SMS offers two third-party service providers to users for link shortening service.

  • TinyURL

1.3.2. Proprietary / Native

Many network providers in the US have started marking and TinyURL as spam considering SMSes have been sent by software.

So, to enable users to send auto-shortened URLs embedded in the text without being marked as spam, 360 SMS has launched its native URL shortener called This would help users to stay compliant while sending URLs in text messages. 

1.3.3. Custom

360 SMS also allows users to bring their own Brand URL (domain). Custom branded URLs help organizations strengthen their brand presence and make their brand easily recognizable by audiences. On-brand links also allow users to send URLs that people can trust for payments, appointments, etc. This would help brands achieve higher click-through by having URLs that are custom to their domain.

Gauge User Intent and Make Informed Decisions

360 SMS Link Tracking helps organizations gauge a user’s intent by tracking and timestamping the number of click-throughs. Based on customer responses, organizations can easily follow up, strategize and make informed decisions. More importantly, users can improve their brand recall and strengthen their brand presence with custom on-brand URLs.