Why do sales teams love Ringless Voicemails (RVM) so much?

What even is ‘Ringless Voicemail?’

As the name should tell you, ringless voicemail is a voice message that recipients receive without an intrusive ring. This is also called voicemail drop.

With RVM, you can send audio messages straight into their voicemail inbox without ringing the phone of your prospects and customers.

Its non-intrusive and discreet nature makes it more effective for business communications and is appreciated by execs in busy boardrooms too.

How do RVM works?

Unlike calls, ringless voicemail administers its presence in the form of a missed call notification and goes straightaway into the voicemail inbox.

Thus, recipients have a choice to view stored voicemails in their own time. They can playback and listen to audio messages anytime, which isn’t possible in the case of calls.

To send a ringless voicemail, you can use a pre-recorded voice template, recording from your computer, or you can record voice messages instantly in your own voice.

Astonishingly, RVMs may even be personalized using merge fields and text auto-readers.

Some businesses choose to have their announcements recorded by a voiceover artist, whereas they have follow-up messages and greetings recorded by account managers for a more personal touch.

How it looks

Here’s what a ringless voicemail looks like when you open a message box to respond.

How do Ringless Voicemails Help?

When you and your teams connect with a large segment of audiences over calls, you might agree that it takes several days to reach the intended customers on your list.

But ringless voicemails provide you and your employees a convenient and effective tool to connect with thousands of customers in one go using pre-recorded voice messages.

RVM scales humanized messages and follow-ups.

This way, teams can distill weeks of work into hours and save time for other tasks.

More importantly, you and your teams get free from message typing work, while the recipient gets to hear a familiar voice they’ve interacted with, which builds trust. This also eliminates the possibility of human typing errors and chances of information getting misconstrued by recipients.

An Example of a Typical Ringless Voicemail Use Case

Say a recruitment firm wants to check thousands of potential candidates’ employment status.
How would a recruiter normally proceed?

A recruiter would call every candidate one after the other to check their job status, which would consume many days.

But with the help of ringless voicemails, a recruiter can send a pre-recorded message probing the candidate’s job status and asking interested candidates to respond through a keyword in text or to call back.

RVM users report higher customer response

Based on the interviews with some of our customers that incorporated ringless voicemails into their business communications, we’ve seen promising results for RVM.

Employee efficiency increases by 27.8% due to quick communication and elimination of typing work.

Customer response increases by 32.4% because they can listen to the audio messages anytime and respond at will.

360SMS Review
I connected with the team, who walked me through the steps to resolve an issue with voicemails. I appreciate their prompt attendance at the meeting as well as their thoughtful technical advice. I would not have been able to resolve my issue on my own, and the team was an excellent guide

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping up

Like you’ve just seen, if a meeting can be an email, then a call-down list or follow-up list can easily be a voicemail. It’s just more scalable and frees up your agents to do more.

Your account managers finally scale the human element that client trust is built on – the human voice. And to ice the cake, ringless voicemails have the friendliest delivery model, which you can use for silent and non-invasive communications.

Busy customers will thank you for the courtesy.

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