SMS Salesforce for Financial Services

How SMS Salesforce for Financial Services helps to Simplify Loan Processes

Loan processing is a dime-a-dozen activity in the finance sector. People often come around with the requirements of personal loans, home loans, car loans, etc. Further, this results in increased workload and timeframe of the overall process. From probing the loan requirement to processing a loan, there are several stages where an agent needs to communicate with prospects for various purposes. This is where SMS Salesforce for financial services can help simplify the loan process with easy communication and accelerate it. Here’s how text messages can help to unravel the loan and documentation process.

Salesforce text message for Finance Sector

SMS Salesforce for Financial Services: Probe Loan Requirements for Better Targeting 

Though there are many ways to use bulk texting, one can begin with the collection of loan requirements by probing, or we can say prospecting.

You can use mass texting to connect with millions and probe whether a prospect is looking for a loan or not. On the flip side, you can also run surveys to understand the requirements of prospects more deeply and segment lists based on their responses.

Further, you can use this list to suggest relevant loan schemes and send relevant details through SMS. This way, you can ramp up your loan applications for your financial institution without traditional methods like advertising and door-to-door marketing.

Collect Documents Faster for Quick Loan Processing

One of the most important and challenging parts while processing a loan is to collect documents in time. Else, this could stretch the timeframe of the overall process. This is where WhatsApp Salesforce for financial services can help to gather documents securely without investing much time. You can send texts mentioning the required documents and submission due date. 

Automate Reminders & Get Into Multiple Conversations at Once

It is not always the bulk loan applications that need more time investment. Sometimes, loan agents have to count on emails and calls also for certain loan requirements. This could lead to a delay in text operations. So, you can use automated texts to remind them about the document submission due dates and follow up with them. This way, you can tap into other conversations also and get into multiple two-way communications simultaneously.

Send Automated Updates to Cut back on Consecutive Calls with SMS Salesforce for Financial Services

Prospects are always eager to know the status of their loan applications.

Thus, loan officers have to come across plenty of calls from prospects to know their loan application status. This drains a lot of time and effort of agents to keep every applicant updated.

Thus, SMS for the finance sector can help to ease things out and cut back on back-to-back calls from prospects. You can use automation capabilities for triggered texting and send updates to applicants whenever any application stage changes. This way, you can reduce a lot of work for sending updates manually by automating it.

SMS Salesforce for Finance for Faster and Simpler Loan Process

Effective and speedy communication channel leads to better coordination among teams and better relationships with customers. Reliance on mere calls and emails to connect with prospects at various turns and keep them updated wastes plenty of time. This further affects the overall efficiency of employees. SMS Salesforce for financial services allows institutions to connect faster at scale and accelerate the loan process. Not only this, institutions can manage the entire process of loans more simply, whether it is about collecting documents or sending updates.

There is much more a full-fledged texting app can do to transform the workflows of the finance industry. To learn how to do this, turn to our experts at or contact us here.