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SMS Drip campaign

Just How Effective are SMS Drip Campaigns?

Drip Campaign is not a new or unfamiliar term to the users. It is one of the widely used concepts used by businesses for emails. But the 360 SMS has made it feasible for users to avail of the same functionality for SMS campaigns.  

Users can easily automate the flow of text messages themselves without any assistance from the admin and developer. As a result, the overall method of automating messages becomes easy and time-savvy for employees. Now here comes the million-dollar question- Are Drips really effective? Let’s have a look at its effectiveness.

Reduces Manual Intervention

The best part of using Drips is users can schedule messages and sit back.

With drip campaigns, you can send time-sensitive text messages in your absence as well. All you need to do is schedule messages at various intervals defining the day and time, and messages would go out at a specified time.

Saves Effort for Low-Value Leads

Non-responsive leads are often low-value generating leads. So investing too much time on such leads might be a waste of effort. For such leads, SMS drip campaigns can follow up with them on your behalf. This prevents employees from investing their time in low-value leads and allows them to focus on core priority areas.

Improves Customer Experience

The busy lives and hectic schedules of people have made it difficult to keep track of all necessary payment due dates. By setting SMS drips, you can automate payment reminders and improve customer experience with your brand. Also, you can set drips to engage frequently with prospects, send monthly updates, follow up with leads, and much more.


Drips let you automate messages effectively and send them at a preferred time. Drip Campaign not only reduces the workload of employees but also improves their efficiency, saving a lot of time. Also, it eliminates the need for the physical presence of employees to send each message on time. SMSes set in drips do it for you on your behalf.