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Salesforce Kakao IntegrationNeed Salesforce Kakao Integration? Here’s the Ultimate Way To Do That

While looking forward to a multi-channel Salesforce communication strategy for business, keeping your targeting countries in your mind is essential. With this approach, you can add the most popular communication channels in a specific country. This makes connecting with your prospect and customers easier over a channel they already use and are comfortable with. 

Suppose you are one of those Salesforce users looking forward to expanding their business in countries like South Korea; you can’t afford to miss KakaoTalk.

According to Statista, KakaoTalk is one of the most popular mobile messaging apps in South Korea, with over 53 million active users worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Your top priority is to get the correct Salesforce Kakaotalk integration for advanced messaging.

But this isn’t easy when you have many options to integrate Kakaotalk with Salesforce. 

Here are a few things you need to know to understand what an ideal Salesforce Kakaotalk integration looks like. When you have capabilities outlined in your mind, it turns easy to get the one that helps you succeed over Kakao. 

A Dream Salesforce Kakao Integration

Salesforce Kakao Integration Shouldn’t be Time-Consuming

The more time it takes to integrate a channel in Salesforce, the more you wait to reap its advantages. 

With an ideal Kakao integration, you can start using Salesforce Kakao early, eliminating complex coding work. Integration through API extends the time frame of the integration process as coding is required.  

Apart from this, while integrating Salesforce Kakao through API, you get minimum capabilities to perform Kakao operations. 

With an ideal Salesforce integration, you can expect accelerated Salesforce Kakao integration. For this, you need to choose a Salesforce texting app on AppExchange supporting the Kakao channel (like 360 SMS). 

Choosing an App from AppExchange helps you to integrate Kakao in barely 5 to 10 minutes, as you hardly need any coding work.

Zero-Code Chatbot Designer for Kakao 

Delivering quality support and services to prospects and customers has always been a priority for firms, regardless of their business vertical. 

So whether it is sales support or customer service, you should be on your toes to respond instantaneously as any Kakao user texts you.

But this is not as easy as we think from a business point of view. One solution is that you have to hire additional resources to work during nighttime, which would significantly increase your operational cost.

That’s where you need a solution to help you deliver round-the-clock support services, keeping operational costs minimal. All this you can do with a Salesforce chatbot for Kakao.

The importance of Chatbots in business can never be overlooked in any aspect.

According to Outgrow report, chatbots improve sales by 67% on average, and 36% of businesses use chatbots for lead generation.

 At this stage, one concern that may arise in your mind is that-

 “the configuration of Kakao chatbot also needs heavy investment.”       

The answer to this concern is an ideal Salesforce Kakao integration that allows you to get around this issue by making you self-reliant in configuring chatbots. 

When you have to write codes, there is always a dependency on coding experts, extending the chatbot integration time frame. 

Being self-dependent in configuring chatbots allows you to install any number of chatbots for different use cases. Lead qualification, 24*7 services, sales support – you can automate all these processes by configuring a separate Kakao chatbot without investing a single penny.

Simplified Messaging Automation in Kakao

Complex messaging automation is a significant factor leading to delays in business communications. 

On the flip side, simple and no-code text automation gives you more control to automate text messages without assistance. You can automate single or bulk Kakao messages without wasting a minute.

If that’s something you want, messaging automation for Kakao should be simple and easy to configure.

A proper Salesforce Kakao integration should eliminate most of your dependencies for automated messaging

It should provide you with simplified messaging automation so that the configuration of interactive Kakao campaigns is more straightforward and faster. 

Delayed communication can never be an issue with simple automation, as you can handle most Kakao automation yourself. 

You can respond instantly to incoming Kakao messages, configure campaigns, and schedule single or bulk Kakao messages to go out at a specified date and time.

Peer-to-Peer Messaging for Kakao

Audiences love when they have ease of communication with the brand using their familiar messaging platform. And this applies to Kakao users as well.

While exploring your business offerings or when customers are looking forward to buying from you, South Koreans would like to communicate using the most popular channel in their country, i.e., Kakao.

What’s needed here from your end is P2P messaging support for Kakao. You should be able to conveniently accommodate one-on-one conversations over Kakao to deliver quality communication experiences. 

While conversing one-on-one with a brand, the worst experience for prospects or customers is to repeat themselves every time they connect with the brand representative.

Past conversation history should be accessible to eliminate such bad customer experiences. This way, you can pick up the conversations without even asking your customers to repeat them and leave a lasting brand impression.

Compliant Kakao Messaging

What would be your approach when prospects and customers want to receive Kakao text messages from one branch rather than all others? Or when they want to receive educational content rather than marketing ones.

You would probably go for blanket opt-in or opt-out for Kakao messages.

But the proper way to handle compliance would be to opt-in and opt out of messages selectively.

This is definitely one of the capabilities you should expect for compliant messaging from an ideal Salesforce Kakao integration.

Compliance management for upcoming Kakao messaging rules and regulations would be easier if you could add custom fields. This would help you manage Kakao texting compliances the way you want.

Transform Kakao operations by choosing the Best Salesforce Kakao Integration.

Choosing the correct Salesforce Kakao integration is one of the most significant decisions to make most of Kakao. But this is only possible when you know exactly what all kinds of capabilities you need to use the Kakao platform successfully. With an idea of features that an ideal cow Salesforce integration provides, you can be more precise and confident while choosing the one for you and acquire the advanced capabilities you could ever think of to redefine your Kakao Communications. 

So if you are looking forward to an ideal integration for Kakao or need more information regarding Kakao messaging in Salesforce, reach out to our experts at or click here to contact us.


By connecting Salesforce and Kakao, users can reap the benefits of the most popular app in South Korea. Businesses can reach a wider audience, streamline customer communication, automate interactions, gain insights, and enhance customer satisfaction. With over 45 million active users, KakaoTalk provides a powerful channel for businesses to engage with customers and increase their user base. Overall, Salesforce Kakao integration is a valuable tool for businesses looking to expand their reach, improve customer engagement, and drive revenue growth.