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Salesforce digital engagement SMSTop 6 Compelling Reasons to Upgrade Your Salesforce Digital Engagement

Simply think- When does a person feel the need to upgrade anything? Or why would a person think of upgrading the existing solution or system?

The answer is when someone wants to improve the performance of an existing system or solution, or the capabilities of the system or solution are limited.

In a way, we can say that upgradation in business operations or systems leads to advancing what you already have or are using and unlocking its full potential.

Salesforce Digital Engagement has become one of the most important solutions for Salesforce users to render a consistent experience across different channels and provide exemplary services to customers.

But do you know it can be even more powerful, and you can unlock its hidden potential for your business by simply upgrading its capabilities?

Why Should You Care About Digital Engagement Salesforce SMS Upgrade

#1) Enhanced Engagement and Outreach

You might agree with the fact that the more channels and clouds you target, the better the engagement and business outreach are. The reach is also limited when your Salesforce Digital Engagement SMS is available for limited channels or works with limited clouds. By upgrading your Digital Engagement Salesforce, users can access more channels and clouds, which include voicemail, telephony, etc.

Businesses can engage with customers more effectively across multiple channels, leading to increased brand awareness and better customer relationships.

Apart from this, users also get various advanced capabilities like targeting multiple channels with a single campaign. This helps users target customers over different channels and drive more engagement as customers have the feasibility to respond over their preferred channels.

#2) Increased Efficiency and Productivity

When employees have ample time to work, they are more creative and invest their time in revenue-generating activities, which leads to improved efficiency and productivity. Users can access its capabilities on the go by upgrading their Digital Engagement Salesforce SMS. This is something not possible without extending the capabilities of Salesforce Digital Engagement. Users no longer have to be tied to their desktops to serve their customers.

Streamlined operations and communication processes save time and resources, allowing teams to focus on strategic tasks improving overall productivity.

Higher ROI and Conversions: Improved audience targeting and messaging result in better conversion rates, leading to a higher return on investment in marketing efforts.

#3) Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Even in its bare-bone format, Salesforce Digital Engagement allows users to connect with audiences over multiple channels and deliver a consistent experience, which helps elevate their customer experiences. By upgrading it, users get a host of advanced capabilities that help boost customer satisfaction, which is a crucial metric.

According to SurveySparrow, 91% of customers admitted that they would not do business again with the same company after a bad experience.

Users can opt for the Salesforce Digital Engagement upgrade for advanced automation that eliminates the need for coding. With this feasibility, users can easily expand their chatbot conversations and offer support and services around the clock, improving customer experiences and satisfaction levels. Apart from this, users can also deliver more personalized experiences to customers while using Salesforce Digital Engagement SMS. They can use ‘merge fields’ to personalize text conversations at scale and make text messages more relevant to customers. 

Another way upgraded Salesforce Digital Engagement can help is by reducing the sole dependency on Process Builder for automation. Users can use no code automation, Flows, Workflow, APEX classes, or APIs to automate text messages. They can trigger an instant response in case of incoming text messages and deliver quality customer experiences.

#4) Increased Lead Generation

To generate more leads for business, the most important thing is exposure. Upgradation of Salesforce Digital Engagement SMS provides users with ample opportunities to generate leads from multiple sources. Businesses can easily showcase their offerings worldwide when a business is present on multiple popular channels. This helps to make a brand familiar to people worldwide and drive more engagement, which helps to generate more leads for business.

Apart from this, users also get access to multiple texting routines, which they can use to fill the leads pipeline faster. They can communicate one-on-one to solve customer queries and generate quality leads. Automated messaging is another option they can opt for to get into meaningful conversations without manual intervention. Plus, they can run multi-channel campaigns to engage and drive more leads.

Improved outreach and engagement strategies generate more high-quality leads, boosting sales opportunities.

#5) Enhanced Brand Reputation 

Have you ever thought about what contributes to enhanced brand reputation? 

It’s the way you serve your customers. When you have multiple channels to interact with your audiences, you can allow them to choose and respond over their preferred channel. 

This adds to their customer satisfaction and leaves a lasting impression in the clients’ minds, improving your brand reputation.

Apart from this, if you are nimble with your services, it positively impacts your customers. With on-the-go accessibility of Digital Engagement Salesforce SMS, you can be quick and provide quality customer experiences without delay.

Delivering consistent customer experiences across channels helps you strengthen your brand reputation and trust.

According to Zipdo, consistent experiences across different channels are expected by around 57% of clients.

#6) Competitive Advantage with upgraded Salesforce digital engagement 

There are many users using Salesforce Digital Engagement to serve their customers and provide the best experience whenever someone approaches a brand through a new channel. If everyone uses it in the same way, how will it create a difference in business operations?

Users need to improve and advance their Digital Engagement capabilities to redefine the conventional way of using Digital Engagement.

With an advanced feature set, users can be more innovative with their business operations and interactions, which helps them get a competitive edge.

Leveraging advanced Digital Engagement capabilities positions businesses as industry leaders, outperforming competitors in customer service and engagement.

Achieve Goals faster with Salesforce Digital Engagement 

Several goals matter to every business, and they wish to achieve them faster and more conveniently. For Salesforce Digital Engagement users, achieving those goals is much more convenient by upgrading its existing version. They can easily interact and serve their customers on the go, increase customer satisfaction, enhance customer engagement, and generate more leads, maximizing their potential. Are you ready to advance your Salesforce Digital Engagement with out-of-the-box capabilities? Turn to our experts at or click here to contact us.

Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.