Incoming Dashboards

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The bar on the bottom left corner showing the number of incoming messages is referred to as ‘Utility Bar’ or Incoming Dashboards. It shows the total number of unread incoming messages received in real-time.

Why Incoming Dashboard is Important?

Incoming Dashboard is important because it allows you to check all your incoming messages which are yet to be read in real-time. It also saves you time. You do not need to open each contact to see or reply to their messages, instead, you can do it directly from the options provided in the Utility Bar.

How 360 SMS App can help you with Incoming Dashboard?

You can directly mark the message as read without even opening it.

You can directly reply to any specific message without opening that particular record or contact.

You can also unsubscribe a user if he/she is no longer interested in receiving your messages.

There is a specific colour code which lets you decide for how long the message has not been read.

The colour coding system is completely customizable.

It also shows you the number of unread messages from a specific contact.

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