Surveys (iText)

The Americans are the leaders of SMS, sending approximately 830 billion SMS messages per year…..

iText allows you to have keyword-triggered automated conversations with the customers. It’s a list of predefined questions and answers, triggered by inbound keywords. It can be used to take feedback, send automated responses or any other customer-related queries.

Why iText is important?

iText or Intelligent-texting is important because it allows you to provide a spontaneous reply to your customers if their response contains the desired keyword. It saves your time and money in a smarter manner. Moreover, you do not need a full-time resource responding to the answers by your respective target audience. iText is enough for the same.

How 360 SMS App can help you with iText?

It can be used well to gather information from the respective target audience for a specific topic.

It can be used good enough to carry out automation processes at a faster rate.

People do not have to wait to get instant responses.

It reduces your stress to hire a dedicated resource to answer people’s queries all day long.

It can be categorized as per the respective departments of your organization.

You can even control the admin rights on each survey you create as an administrator.

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