Must-Have Automations for Your Prospects and Customers



Greetings could be a great way to reinforce your relationships with prospects and nurture your leads. For consistent greetings on every festival without a miss, you can create a festival drip campaign and send automated wishes to your prospects. This way, your brand can showcase your love and concern for them.



Follow-ups play a major role in cracking any deal. You never know if other competitors are also competing to win the same customer. So, it is essential to stay on top of your prospect’s minds without a miss. For this, you can automate a series of follow-up text messages using an SMS drip campaign and engage with prospects consistently.

For example:

“Hey, it’s been a while since we haven’t heard from you. Reply HELP, in case of any questions.”



Traditionally, professionals use emails and calls to communicate requested quotes, which extends the timeframe of the process. Also, it leads to delayed responses when quotes are sent over email. For a faster process, you can send an automated quote based on the prospect’s requirements whenever any quote request comes in.


Text for Immediate Response

In today’s fast-paced environment, when a prospect inquires, the person expects a quick response from a brand. It takes no more than a minute to switch to other competitors in case of a delayed response from a brand. So, you can automate texts to engage immediately when any lead comes in. For example, you can send a text like How can I help you, or send a Calendly link to book a meeting can for further discussion.


Engagement Text

The more positive engagement you have with your clients, the higher the chances are to close a deal. For this, you can automate texts that can have a positive impact on prospects. You can automate texts with testimonial video URLs, case studies, etc., to showcase your positive word of mouth and great work with renowned clients. This would help to win the prospect’s confidence.

Text Automation for Customers


Automated SMS for Ticket Progress

Today’s customer is a bit impatient as everything is at their fingertips. After raising a ticket, customers look forward to quick resolution and updates. So, you can automate texts to keep your customers posted about the ticket’s progress when the ticketing stage changes. Also, you can send an automated acknowledgment text as soon as a client raises a ticket.


New updates

The company’s latest updates help customers to be in sync with the company. So, you can automate texts to communicate about newly launched product features, new product lines, upcoming events, webinars, etc. This helps customers stay updated about the latest company news. Consequently, they can plan if they want to participate in an event, use new product features for improved performance, try new product lines, etc.


Event Details

Events and webinars are quite common in business. You can use SMS automation to manage events, webinars, etc. also. Say you’re conducting a webinar; you can automate texts at various stages to manage it well. You can send automated texts with webinar details, webinar link to join, webinar reminders, a thank you text after the webinar, and at last, a text to collect webinar feedback.


Payment Reminders

You might agree that customers are usually busy and have tight schedules. As a result, they often miss making payments on time. To help your customers, you can send automated payment reminders 2-3 days before the due date of membership, renewal, subscription, etc. This would help your customers avoid late fees, and you can also collect payments on time.


Feedback Text

Feedback collection is crucial for businesses as it helps to find what customers actually feel about your business offerings. Therefore, once a purchase is made, you can send an automated text with an embedded URL redirecting to the feedback page for a detailed review. Also, you can ask customers to rate on a scale of 0-10 if you want to keep feedback text short and simple.

Interesting Results Reported by Our Clients using Automation

Here are some interesting outcomes based on the experiences and interviews with some of our clients using SMS automation.

Lead generation improves by 9x due to consistent engagement with prospects.

Repeat purchases increase by 2x due to better relationships and feedback that helped to improve products and services.

This App works really well with our org, and the customer service is really good. We use 360 for all our automated texts. It's reliable and there is good support there when we need help setting up a new flow.

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

TAs you have just seen how effective SMS automation can be for your firm, get started with these SMS automation use cases if you haven’t yet. You’d be surprised to see how positively SMS automation helps you cut back on time investment, improve employee efficiency, and contributes to customer satisfaction.

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