Reduce your customer’s No-Shows with 360 Appointment Reminders

How to Reduce No-shows with 360 SMS

Send SMS Reminders

One of the best things you and your teams can do to reduce no-shows is to send reminders before any meeting, appointment, interview, or webinar.

There are chances that your potential clients have forgotten about the scheduled meetings or upcoming webinars due to busy schedules.

A simple text reminder can help you keep your clients posted about the scheduled meeting or any upcoming event.

Plus, you can add a webinar URL in reminder text only to provide customers with an easy way to join webinars. This could help you increase the number of webinar attendees.

The best part is that you can automate text reminders with 360 SMS by deciding the date and time or offset the reminder by a number of days, hours, and minutes.

This would help you and your teams reduce manual intervention greatly.

Take Confirmations and Reschedule Meetings if Required

You and your teams can also use reminder messages to confirm the presence of prospects and customers at the time of the meetings and appointments.

In addition to reminder text, you can prompt customers to send the desired keywords to confirm their presence or to reschedule.

A Gentle Reminder!

Examples of Reminder Texts

Appointment Reminder
Meeting Reminder
Text for Rescheduling
Interview Reminder
Appointment Reminder
Meeting Reminder
Text for Rescheduling
Interview Reminder

Impressive Outcomes

Based on the interviews with some of our clients who used text reminders, here are some surprising results they reported

Overall sales increase by 25.7% because of text reminders.

Overall sales jump by 19.3%, as agents can now schedule more meetings with clients and close more deals.

Great SMS tool!
We use the 360 SMS App to auto-notify our staff that they have appointments a day in the future, and it's cut down the amount of time spent on call for our support staff.

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

Sending text reminders a day before or two is always a good idea to help yourself and your customers settle on a meeting time with confidence.

With the information on the unavailability of a prospect or customer in advance, you and your teams can utilize time and resources better. You can allocate reserve time slots to others and make every minute count.

With this idea of sending SMS reminders, you’re now ready for successful meetings without customer no-shows.

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