Let’s Clean All the Invalid Numbers Stored in your Database

For example:

When the phone number is not verified, the phone status will appear as Not Verified Yet (as shown below), and the Phone type will be blank.

  • So to verify a number, click on the Contact tab and select the record for which you want to verify the number.
  • Click on the dropdown icon on the top right corner (as shown below) for more options and click Verify the Number.

Once the number is verified, the phone status will change to Valid (as shown below), and you can also check the updated phone number Type.

Why Should You Use Verify the Phone (VTP)


Say 'No' to Guesswork while Targeting Customers

VTP lets you know the type of phone number you’re targeting to reach a customer. Consequently, you can segment lists of mobile, landline, home, and VoIP numbers and target audiences using the most suited channel, i.e., SMS or call. More importantly, you and your team won’t waste effort due to the non-existence of phone numbers that aren’t pre-validated.


Get every SMS delivered reliably

Using VTP, you can easily single out inactive or invalid contacts, and you can create a list of valid mobile numbers before sending out texts or running SMS campaigns. This way, you can have a better text delivery rate and anticipate returns more accurately.


Maintain clean, healthy, and ready-to-use data round the clock

VTP helps maintain clean and accurate phone numbers on records that are worth your time. So, teams can spend time chasing real revenue opportunities and drive more conversions. Real-time data verification lets you and your teams be on their toes always to initiate an SMS campaign and perform other text operations using accurate data.

Some Interesting Results

Based on the interviews of clients that use the VTP app, here are some surprising results they witnessed:

Overall marketing returns increase by 30% because of better outreach using the right channel.

Response rate improves by 50% for our clients. Now, they can target valid phone numbers.

SMS campaign returns increase by 40% because of high text deliverability.

So, verifying the phone numbers should be one of the first things on your list before carrying out any operation to pursue real opportunities.

A perfect, easy solution This was a very simple solution for us - to reach many clients at once with a simple message.

The whole integration process was fast and simple. Very professional and helpful staff.

Highly recommended.

Katarina Vujević Babara
Business Operations Manager,
Euronautic Slovenia

Wrapping Up

Using VTP to verify the phone numbers is a super easy DIY process that doesn’t need technical knowledge or expert assistance. You and your teams can use it on the fly and stay on top of data quality.

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