Are All Email Addresses in your Database Reliable? Let’s Clean the Database


Get Every Email Delivered

The 360 Verify the Email App provides you with the easiest and most convenient way to single out inactive email addresses so that you can ensure sure-fire deliveries of emails. As a result, you can anticipate accurate responses and expect better returns from every email marketing campaign you run.


Accelerate Emails Operations with Ready-to-use Data Round-the-Clock

You can’t expect your teams to do the last-minute work of verifying email addresses just before sending out critical information through emails or running an email marketing campaign. This would stretch the process and extend the time frame of the entire process. The 360 Verify the Email App helps you with ready-to-use and verified email addresses due to its real-time verification capability. This saves you and your teams from last-minute work.


Reduce Every Possibility of Bounce Email

When you target incorrect or non-existing email addresses, chances are higher that emails get bounced. But the 360 Verify the Email app helps you easily get around bounced emails by providing reliable and accurate email addresses. This helps to improve email deliverability and steer clear of spam folders.

Surprising Outcomes Reported by the 360 Verify the Email App Users

Based on the interviews of clients that use the 360 Verify the Email app, here are some interesting results that are worth sharing.

Email campaign returns improve by 32.7% due to verified email addresses

Emails deliverability increases by 37.3% as the database is clean and contains only valid email addresses, and every email gets delivered.

Super effective!
Working with them for almost a year now, it's a great app, and the response rate has skyrocketed! Support is great, and the team is always responsive

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

As you’ve just seen, maintaining clean and healthy data for email campaigns is a cakewalk with the 360 Verify the Email app. Its ability to verify email addresses in real-time makes it a perfect app for owing qualitative data right from the point of entry.

Even you can verify email addresses manually on the fly for sure-shot email delivery before you hit Send.

Now that you understand the value of accurate email addresses, you can start validating all email addresses stored in your database and see the difference.

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