Make your Marketing Journeys Speak with Salesforce


Use the 360 SMS Marketing Cloud Add-On and Integrate Pardot with 360 SMS

You can integrate the 360 SMS app with the Marketing Cloud and Pardot and transform the marketing journey.

With the help of our new 360 SMS marketing cloud add-on, you can sync the entire marketing cloud journey along with messaging history with Salesforce.

This means you can send emails through the marketing cloud using actionable data from 360 SMS and Salesforce. And the best part is, you do not need to count on a mobile studio in your marketing journey for messaging, you can send SMS with just drag and drop.

Why the 360 SMS marketing cloud add-on?

It is way cheaper (670 times to be precise) than marketing cloud Mobile Studio for texting.

Eliminates the need for building automation and task while sending each SMS.

Decreases credit usage as in marketing cloud it takes 40 ’super messages’ just to send one SMS.

Eliminate dependency on developers and the need for Process builders which reduce marketing bottlenecks and save time.

You’ll never need to create cumbersome tasks in the Journey Builder.

Pardot Integration
Alternatively, if you’re an existing user of Pardot, you can integrate it with 360 SMS by creating a Process Builder and syncing everything with leads.

There are two ways to send SMS

First, using the Prospects visual force page on the automation.

Second, using the Journey builder in Pardot.


Bring Drag and Drop Capabilities into the Marketing Cloud

Integration of 360 SMS can help you and your teams bring robust drag and drop capabilities into the marketing cloud.

You can even send SMS in an email journey with simple drag-and-drop.

Also, you can apply filters in the marketing cloud and import custom field values from data in Salesforce.


Gain Insights Into actionable Data from the 360 SMS and Salesforce

Import pre-built SMS templates created in 360 SMS into your Marketing Cloud and Pardot and merge them with any custom field values to accelerate your marketing tasks.

This way, the sales team can get insights into consolidated actionable data in the marketing cloud within Salesforce and use it to send text messages at the right time.


Accelerate Message Composition

With 360 SMS, you and your marketing team can schedule and create messaging journeys faster in the marketing cloud using an out-of-the-box message composer.

Users can then harness the power of Salesforce texting and marketing cloud together.


Repurpose Existing Marketing Data and Bring in Fully Matured Compliance Mechanism

By integrating the 360 SMS marketing cloud add-on, businesses can repurpose and reuse existing marketing data for mobile-centric marketing campaigns and max out returns.

You can also reap the benefits of a fully matured compliance management mechanism with selective opt-in and opt-out available in 360 SMS.This keeps you away from the risk of financial penalties and litigation without compromising on returns and customer data.


Personalize Customer Journeys in a Better Way

With Pardot and Marketing cloud integration to SMS, you can easily deliver a personalized journey to each of your customers with the help of 360-degree views in Salesforce, past interactions, analytics, and smart texting.

Some interesting results

Based on the experiences and interviews with some of our clients who integrated marketing cloud and pardot with 360 SMS, here are some surprising results they reported

Overall marketing returns increase by 22.3% due to a more personalized marketing journey.

Customer engagement improves by 29.4% because of relevant and meaningful conversations.

Great app and helpful service I've used 360 SMS for a number of text-related projects. The app is easy to use and set up (and the team always helps if I miss a step), and great for everything from sending one-off emails, to sending based on reports, as well as automated messages with Process builder and automation.

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

Integration of Marketing cloud and Pardot with 360 SMS not only lets you create personalized and targeted email campaigns, but you can send text messages too in your email marketing journey.

You’re now ready to use these methods to access customer data and behavior in Salesforce in real-time to send more targeted text messages and jump into intelligent communications.

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