Learn Which Communication Channel is Best Suited for your Business Need

Communication Channels and Their Value Proposition


If you’re dealing with international audiences or looking forward to expanding your business in the markets of the USA, UK, etc., SMS provides you with a reliable communication channel. 

According to USA messaging stats, 98% of adults own a mobile phone, and 95% of messages are read and responded to by users within 3 minutes of being delivered. 

Businesses that know this count on SMS when they want to communicate through words only without any visual elements.


MMS helps you to be more creative with your business messages.
So choose MMS when you want to exchange multi-media content, especially in LATAM.

You can exchange images, audio, video files, etc., to communicate with audiences more creatively.


In countries like Asia, Africa, South America, and parts of Europe, texting is costly, or MMS is unavailable.

Also, many local country phone networks do not support country-to-country texting.

This is where you can use WhatsApp for texting to cirumvent connectivity issues and multi-media messaging in business.


Often, customers will use Facebook to explore a firm and its business offerings.

It would be inconvenient for them to switch between channels or even devices, just to reach out to your business.

With Facebook messenger, you can provide an easy way for your Facebook audiences to connect with your brand and while you can respond to inquiries faster.

Ringless Voicemail

Busy representatives may not respond to incoming calls when they are busy in meetings or doing high-priority tasks. They usually send automated responses, which can feel impersonal and rude at times.

This is where you and your teams can use ringless voicemails to communicate with the audience, adding a human element and also eliminating typing work.


If you want to target South Korean audiences and texting restrictions are one of your biggest concerns, choose Kakao.

Kakao is the widely used messaging app in South Korea used for texting and multimedia messaging.


If your target audiences are Eastern European audiences, then Viber is the perfect channel for messaging. Viber has a strong hold over the European market, and you can use it for managing audiences in eastern European, Russia, and Asia


If you’re looking forward to scaling your business in China, you can’t afford to miss WeChat.

It is just like WhatsApp but for Chinese audiences.

So, if you want to penetrate deeper into the Chinese market, count on this super-app for communication.


Instagram is one of the top five popular social media platforms.

If brand awareness and sales is your goal, you can and reach audiences through visual marketing and gauge audience engagement, Instagram is the right channel for you to manage Insta audiences.


Line is the most popular app in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan and the app is quite similar to WhatsApp and WeChat in China.

You’ll want Line if you want to connect with audiences in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan and want to acquire more customers globally.


Calls provide you with the best way to converse one-on-one personally with your audiences. So, if you need quick interactions without waiting for customer responses, calls are the best channel. Even you can count on calls to connect with buyers with high purchase intent and close deals faster.

Depending on their process, businesses either try to move sales conversation to a call as soon as a potential customer asks for any details or qualify calls over IVR.

Surprising Outcomes Reported by Our Clients using Channels Effectively

Here are some interesting outcomes based on the experiences and interviews with some of our clients using communication channels cautiously.

Customer acquisition improves by 47% as clients are using the appropriate channel to connect with potential customers.

Overall revenue increases by 29% due to more response, customers, and sales.

Great Application
We realized that we could reach our customers much better and faster with WhatsApp. The response rate has also increased enormously with WhatsApp. We implemented this very easily with the 360SMS app.

Special thanks to the team for all the support as they helped with every problem very promptly. Definitely recommended.

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping up

As you’ve just seen, each channel has its unique perks and niche. Some channels are good for engagement and brand awareness whereas some are good for customer acquisition and brand outreach.

So, just pick your communication channel thoughtfully with your business objective in mind.And you’ll always have unique capabilities by 360 SMS to get an edge over other competitors using the channel.

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