Increase message deliverability with short codes from 360 SMS

Here's What You Can Do to Improve SMS Deliverability

To a great degree, SMS deliverability depends on the type of number you choose to send messages. It could be a long code or shortcode.

It’s vital to understand both sender identities first, to make the right decision based on the goal.

What are Long Code and Short Code?

Short Code

Short Codes are mostly 5 to 6 digits numbers used by a business entity to send and receive text messages. Short Codes maximum can stretch upto eight digits depending on the country from which you’re texting.

Due to less number of digits, they are easy to remember.

Short Code Messaging Speed

Short Code sends messages with a speed of 400 messages per second. This makes it capable of handling an extremely high volume of messages.

Long Code

A Long Code is a 10 digit long number used by business entities to send and receive texts and calls. The longest long codes can stretch upto twelve digits depending on the country from where you’re texting.

Long Code Messaging Speed

With a Long Code, you can send 1 message per second. Thus, Long Codes cannot be the best pick for high-volume messaging as you can send only a limited number of text messages per day.

Also, more number of digits makes it hard to remember.

How do Short Codes Help with Better SMS Deliverability

The U.S. Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) registers and regulates Short Codes. All message templates are pre-approved by carriers during the application process. As a result, messages sent using a short code are not subject to carrier filtering.

On the flip side, when we send messages using a Long Code, it is Application-to-Person messaging (A2P). This is a type of messaging where a person receives messages from an application rather than an individual.

Thus, people hardly respond, and the number gets started marked as spam which hits SMS deliverability.

Some Surprising Outcomes

Based on the interviews with some of our clients who used shortcodes for messaging, here are some surprising results they witnessed

Customer deliverability improves by 31.6% because of shortcodes.

Overall SMS campaign returns increase by 15.4% due to better SMS deliverability.

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Wrapping up

Short Code lets users send a large volume of messages without worrying about SMS deliverability, which is the top concern of every business venture. Moreover, its short identity makes it easily recognizable by customers, which helps to improve brand recall and presence.

Now, you can easily set yourself up for productive bulk messaging and steer clear of spam folders by incorporating Short Codes.

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