Deals taking too long to close? Send quotations over text

Shorten the timeframe for Quotation Processes

Sending quotations is an integral part of the sales process. Those familiar with the process can attest that a quote may go back-and-forth several times before a client approves an estimate.

Traditionally, the entire process may take days and weeks when done over email.
Buit there’s a fair chance a client may be traveling or on vacation, due to which the client doesn’t check the email the same day.

Further, when a client looks at the quotes, a client may suggest some changes. This may add more time for sales professionals to check suggestions, get them approved, make changes, and revert.

This process drag on with every new change, while the customer is also being pursued by competitors.

Send Quotations through MMS

One thing you can do to shrink the quotation process is to send quotes via MMS instead of emails. People check their email less often compared to SMS or MMS.

So, for better visibility and quick response to quotations, MMS is the best. When you send quotes via MMS, a client is more likely to check them immediately and suggest changes if required.

Further, you can also make changes and send them quotes back faster with texts. This can help you get the client’s approval within a few hours or minutes and close deals faster.

Send Quotations through URLs in Text

Another method to send quotes is embedding a URL in text. With the 360 SMS Link Tracking feature, you can send a branded, auto-shortened URL in an SMS redirecting to a quotation page.

On-brand shortening creates trust and reduces friction and the URL makes the quote accessible over any modern mobile browser. This also save on character count and reduces the number of SMS segments used which brings down SMS costs considerably.

Further, as you can track click-throughs for each URL you send and jump on a call the moment a client clicks on the given URL and take approval to quotes verbally.

Some Interesting Results

Based discussions with some of our clients and sales teams, here are some results they reported after sending quotes using texts.

Overall sales increase by 39% because of the accelerated sales cycle.

Turnaround time for approvals to quotes is reduced by 34.6% because of text interaction.

Overall thrilled with the capacity of 360 to meet our needs
We appreciate the support team and the services that are offered! The team was quick to reply to our needs and answer all our questions! The service is helping us improve our conversations with our customers and within our team!

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping up

Texting is a powerful way to speed up any business process. And it can help you accelerate your sales operations also. Sending quotes through texts helps you with quick visibility and approvals for quotes.

This enables you and your sales team close deals faster, which would have taken days and weeks over emails. Now go surprise your customers with efficient and accessible quotes that they can revisit conveniently, right from their SMS inbox.

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