Make your Salesforce Effective with These ‘CANNOT MISS’ Templates

Evergreen SMS Templates that Work


Birthday Text

Nurture your binds by sending greetings on life events.


Appointment Reminder

Send reminders and reduce no-shows at the appointment time.


Payment Reminder

Send payment reminders to attract payments timely.


Payment Confirmation

Send confirmations to ensure customers that payment is received.


Renewal Reminders

Sending renewal reminders can help you get repeat business and avoid inconvenience for your customers.


Follow-up Text

Keep nudging your customers and reminding them about your brand to win more deals.
Integrate web interactions with messaging.


Feedback Text

Never let your customers feel they are important until sales are not made. Instead, let them know they are important even after sales with feedback text.


Discount Text

Send exclusive discounts and deals to entice customers and increase your sales.

Surprising Outcomes Reported by Our Clients using Given SMS templates

Here are some interesting outcomes based on the experiences and interviews with some of our clients who used the given text templates.

Customer acquisition improves by ~40.4% due to better and meaningful interactions with potential customers.

Overall revenue increases by ~32.7% due to more engagement and responses.

Great application that's easy to use!
360 SMS is a great application! It is easy to install and very user-friendly. Our whole team raves about how easy it is to set up templates, send messages to lists, and keep up with replies. We love it!

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

It takes up a lot to converse meaningfully with customers. You must interact with them at the right time with the right text.

Using the given SMS templates, you can make it easier and more convenient for your team to draft impactful messages, stick to your organization’s style and voice guidelines, and create pre-approved messages.

So, just steal these templates and revamp them for your business vertical and services.

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