Want find out what your customers feel with a convenient SMS survey for CSAT

Here's how you can Use the 360 SMS app for NPS or CSAT

You might be familiar that 360 SMS provides DIY configurable decision trees called iText.

It is a no-code solution to automate text-based surveys that allows you to configure questions and possible answers with justy drag-and-drop. More questions can be set up serially, with the next question triggered when the previous one is answers.

Alternatively, different questions can also be triggered for each possible type response or anwer choice in a nested structure. Such nested and serial question-answers sequences can be as long and as nested as the user needs them to be.

This is how you can build surveys, questionnaires, polls, and chatbots.

The best part is you and your teams can use this capability to configure surveys for calculating NPS or CSAT. With this powerful point-and-click automation feature, you can design surveys faster and conveniently.

Based on the customer journey or service used (or any custom criteria to set-off the survey), you may ask questions such as:

How was your purchase experience with our brand?

How satisfied are you with our support services?

On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our products, etc.?

How iText can Help you Secure Positive Reviews on Different Platforms

When you collect rating for your products and services, it gets stored in your Salesforce. Using this collected data, you can segment your customers based on the ratings they have submitted.

Your customer success team can prioritize and follow up with customers with a lower customer service rating and find out the reasons for submitting such low scores. Further, they can resolve their issues by providing appropriate solutions to retain them.

On the flip side, the ones who submitted positive ratings, you can request them to submit a review for your brand on a specific platform. And those reviews would obviously be positive because they have already submitted a high rating.

This is how you can easily secure positive reviews on various customer-facing platforms.

A great advantage of this is that you’re always ahead of the curve and can intervene before things go bad for the customer. You can set things right with them before they even think of reviewing you on a public platform like Google Reviews, or G2.

Some Surprising Outcomes

Based on the interviews with some of our customers who used Itext for calculating NPS/CSAT, here are some interesting results.

Business investments are reduced by 15.8% because of self-sufficiency to create surveys for NPS/CSAT calculation.

Customer retention increases by 31.4% due to follow-ups with unsatisfied customers.

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I have evaluated a lot of salesforce SMS apps, and this is hands down the top app on the app exchange. Save yourself time and frustration -- go with these guys for any type of communication integration. The iText Survey feature rocks!

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping up

With the wrong messaging service, you may be left to custom code messaging sequences to create surveys on your own. Not to mention, you’d need developer assistance everytime you need to add even one new question, answer, or fresh survey. This can drive up cost substantially, making message-based surveys infeasible for businesses.

A text-based survey builder like iText provides the most easy-to-use and quick tool to configure questions and answers on any channel without expert developer assistance. On top of that, it’s a cost-effective method too as you and your teams do not have to spend a bomb every time you want to run a survey. Customers are also more open to respond to a mobile survey instead of a voice based survey or a from sent through another channel.

In contrast, you’ve just seen just how easy and cost-effective it could be to calculate NPS /CSAT with itext. Now that you understand what text-surveys have to offer, you should try sending one to your customer if you haven’t in a while.

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