Simplify activity tracking for teams with 360’s CTI Call App


Don't Click Each Digit while Dialing a Number, Just Click Name of Number to Dial

Every second is crucial in when you’ve employed a skilled sales team.

The autodialer you get means you don’t have to click each digit while dialing a number.
Instead, you can click the contact number and dial it. This eliminates time spent idling and dialing between calls and looking for numbers almost completely.


Auto-Dial Numbers While Bulk Dialing

The biggest challenge while bulk calling is dialing back-to-back, which scales the time wasted dialing manually for one call.

360 CTI helps you get around this problem effortlessly. With its auto-dial functionality, pre-decided get dialed or skipped from a list automatically.

This lets you and your teams cut back on dialing effort.


No Hiccups While Addressing your Callers

One of the worst scenarios you and your teams might have faced is the lack of any details on the caller and your past interactions with them.

Therefore, callers have to repeat themselves on every call, which might frustrate them.

With 360 CTI, you get a pop-up in the event of an incoming call that gives you all the caller’s information and other details right on your screen. As a result, you and your teams can personalize greetings, provide appropriate solutions and handle calls better.


Eliminate Every Single Possibility of Missed Calls

With 360 CTI, you can forward calls to upto 9 numbers, virtually eliminating every possibility of missing incoming calls. This way, you can put 9 respondents at work to receive calls.

Once any of the respondents answer a call, the call disconnects automatically for the rest eight numbers.


Easy IVR Set up in Male and Female Voice

360 CTI provides you with an easy IVR and nested IVR set in a male and female voice that your teams can set up within a few minutes.

You can add messages for auto-responders to read over IVR. Absolutely no technical knowledge to use this text-to-speech functionality and configure CTI Call’s powerful IVR.


Better First Call Resolution Rate with Call Routing and Conferencing

Too many calls to get a resolution can irate callers and maker them anxious. They may lose fith in your brand and any intention to purchase/ So, with 360 CTI, you and your teams can resolve caller inquiries over a single call.

With its advanced capabilities like call transferring and call conferencing, you can forward calls to the relevant department or (SME) subject matter expert or add the concerned person over an ongoing call depending on the requirement.

This adds convenience to customers and prevents them from making several calls.


Set Availability Staus and Confirm Availability to Take Calls

In case of unusually high call volumes, contact representatives have to deal with back-to-back calls, which restricts them from attending other calls and missout on potential opportunities while callers on another line may have to wait longer on hold.

To fix this, 360 CTI allows agents to select their availability status as Online, Away, and Offline to confirm their availability to take calls. Even in the case of automatic call routing, calls are only routed to agents marked online.

Consequently, callers do not have to wait longer on hold to connect to an agent in both cases.


Call termination and Autoresponse

High call volumes? Fewer call attendant? Never fear.

The app lets you play, pre-recorded messages or auto-read messages in male or female voices when calls need to be terminated due to exceeding session length, exceeding the number of trials, busy queues, or unavailable/ out-of-office staff.

Communicating this to callers reduces their anxiety when no one is available and assures them that someone may pick up later. Also, queues can be freed up by asking customers to drop if the exceed session length or number of IVR trials.

What's More Interesting

All the 360 CTI advanced call functionalities are supported over mobile phones.So, even if you are on the go you can manage call operations from your mobile phone.

Some Surprising Outcomes

Based on the discussion and interviews with some of our clients who used 360 CTI, here are some surprising outcomes reported by them.

Overall returns increase by 25.7% simply due to better management of calls.

Lead generation improves by 34.3% because of timely actions before or on due dates as agents can add call notes and due dates right away based on call interactions. - 2-3x increase in CSAT indicators measured by feedback.

Great Support
The team was very helpful and patient with me in working through some 360 SMS and CTI questions that I had in our system. The team answered all of my questions and resolved the issues that I needed to be taken care of.
Thank you!

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

This robust combination of SMS and CTI helps customers call and text simultaneously. This makes it easier to send relevant resources while agents are on call and answer caller’s questions if they have any. They may also share useful messages over SMS or other channels without dropping the call.

Thus, businesses can redefine the way they manage their mix of calls and text messaging more effectively on a shared, productive platform.

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