Learn New Things Which Came this Year in the 360 SMS App


360 SMS Marketing Cloud Add-On

The 360 SMS Marketing Cloud add-on lets you connect Marketing Cloud with the 360 SMS app and drastically changes the way you use Marketing Cloud.

It lets bring powerful drag and drop capabilities into the Marketing Cloud and uses Marketing Cloud actionable data in Salesforce itself. You can import contacts and SMS templates and edit them if required.

The connector brings you an out-of-the-box message composer, using which you can create multi-step journeys within minutes. Further, you do not have to depend on Tasks in Marketing Cloud Journey Builder.

Also, all messaging history is synced between Marketing Cloud and Salesforce without automation.

You can import and repurpose marketing data from any source, including custom field values from Salesforce data, and use filters in Marketing Cloud.


AI-Based Unsubscribe

AI-based unsubscribe capability is another new addition to the 360 SMS app.

Previously, people were opt-out only, based on incoming keywords like STOP, UNSUB, etc., that are defined in the General Settings to opt-out people automatically.

But now you can unsubscribe people automatically based on their intent too. This is the power of Artificial Intelligence.

For example:

If someone says, please don’t bother me again or please don’t text me, the person will be opted-out automatically based on the intent.

Without an AI-based Opt-out compliance mechanism, you and your teams might have to unsubscribe customers manually after reading their text messages.

This further drains plenty of time and effort for you and your employees.

AI-based Unsubscribe feature makes it much easier for you and your teams to manage opt-outs without manual intervention and saves you from unwanted litigation.

The best part is, it is not just limited to SMS. It extends to all other channels of the 360 SMS app too.


Advanced Drip Campaign

As the name indicates, our 360 SMS drip campaign feature has become much more advanced than before.

Now, drip campaigns aren’t just limited to SMS and other channels. You can send emails too using the 360 SMS drip campaigns.

For faster operations, you can create emails templates in advance and even ‘Merge fields’ into the email body. Besides, you can also send emails with letter head and images in emails, if required.


New channels- Line, KakaoTalk, Instagram

The more communication channels you have, the more audiences you can targe. It lets you business penetrate audiences over their popular messaging channels in different countries and demographics.

To increase penetration into different geographical markets further, we’ve introduced three more popular channels to help our users improve their customer base by targeting prospects globally.

These channels are Line, KakaoTalk, and Instagram.

The Line is the most popular app in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia, whereas KakaoTalk is the most popular app in South Korea. And Instagram is a popular app worldwide, with the highest number of Indian users.


Powerful Call Routing and other features in Telephony

We’ve even made call-routing much more powerful than before.

You and your team can decide the entire incoming call journey. You can decide to which user the calls will be routed to on which specific day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.). Also, you can decide whether you want to route a call to the record owner, last call receiver, or any other concerned person to manage calls in a much better way.

360 telephony has come up with ;simultaneous ring’ support on IVR. So, when you route calls to a queue, all user’s phone will ring simultaneously rather than one-by-one. The moment any user receives the call, the call will be auto disconnected for all other users. This increases the chances that the call is attended, increases service-levels, and reduces missed incoming opportunities.

A Call Mute feature for in-call notifications – Now, you and your teams can hande calls without getting disturbed by the ring in the event of an incoming call. You can simply mute calls when you get notified of a call.

Another improved capability for telephony is that you can log calls manually and add call notes while using telephony over desktop and Salesforce1 mobile app. Apart from this you and your teams can blacklist numbers from which you don’t want to receive further calls.

Finally, now you and your teams can perform warm transfers so calls do not get disconnected after transferring the call to the concerned person. You can introduce third person to the caller before you disconnect a call.

Some Surprising Results

Based on the discussions and interviews with some of our clients who used these new capabilities, here are some surprising outcomes they witnessed

Overall marketing returns increase by 31.3% due to more effective marketing as users can gain insights into Marketing Cloud's actionable data in Salesforce.

Customer acquisition improves by 25.9% because of more communication channels to target audiences.

FCR (First Call Resolution) improves by 28.6% due to the call routing feature in 360 CTI.

Robust UI & Great team
Team 360 did a great implementation for us, really liked the App experience and features. The team was really helpful.

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

The use of our new capabilities with each release should rid your teams old-school ways of managing business operations. All so that you and your teams can easily improve productivity with less effort and time-investment.

With these new additions to your 360 SMS app, you’re now ready to unravel more opportunities for your business, manage compliance without manual intervention, and handle calls more effectively.

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