See what’s new with the 360 SMS App this year

Drip Campaigns have become much more advanced

360 SMS drip campaign is a no-code automation capability that allows users to schedule and send messages at different intervals defining date and time.

Further, you can schedule messages using the offset field by the number of days, hours, and minutes if you want to send text messages before or after a particular action.

The best part is you can find out at which stage of a drip campaign a customer can start a new campaign, aborting the existing one, if required.

You can run a multi-channel drip campaign and target audiences over different channels running a single drip campaign.

What’s new in 360 SMS drip campaign capability is that now you can even send emails while running drip campaigns and make your campaigns more effective.

You have new channels to target audiences globally

You and your teams might be familiar that 360 SMS offers a wide range of pre-built channels to target audiences and connect with them where they already are.

Understanding the needs of multiple channels while scaling a business, we have extended our communications channels to help you grow your business.

Our new communication channels include Line, Kakao, and Instagram.

You can easily add a visual appeal to your marketing pursuits and target audiences in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea while expanding your business globally.

Manage calls like never before using the 360 SMS App

Though it sounds like a texting application, 360 SMS provides you with a wide range of CTI features tailor-made for sales teams to help them manage calls better and increase conversions on call.

Whether it is about improving First call resolution (FCR) or the overall experiences of customers and agents, our CTI pulls out all the stops to enhance your call operations. You get features like


Call Routing

You can decide the entire call journey using the advanced call routing capability of 360 CTI.

You can route calls to specific departments based on skillset, a customer’s preferred days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.), the record owner, the last call receiver, or a designated agent based on user-defined conditions.


Call Transferring and Conferencing

With call transferring and conferencing, you can connect the person to the relevant department or person much faster, which helps you improve First call resolution.

Also, it helps to improve the caller’s experience by eliminating the need for multiple calls.


Availability Status

Agents can set their availability status as Online, Away, or Offline to route calls to the next available agent. That helps to reduce the caller’s wait time and connect them to the agent faster.


Text-to-speech IVR Configurability

You and your agents can configure IVR much faster using Text-to-speech in a male and female voice. This makes the lead qualification process easy and faster for sales and service agents.


Bulk Dialing

To manage large call volumes, you can put numbers on auto-dial in bulk.
This will prevent you from searching numbers and clicking each digit while dialing numbers, and you can make calls easily.

Also, you can break the call queue and skip certain numbers by mentioning them explicitly before the bulk dial.


Call Auto-Forwarding

You can forward calls to up to nine numbers and avoid every possibility of a missed call.
This would help you ensure that every call is answered and no opportunity is missed.

Some Interesting Outcomes reported by Users who Used our New Capabilities

Based on the customer’s interviews, here are some outcomes reported by our users who used the new capabilities of the 360 SMS app.

Sales increases by 37% because of new channels to communicate with audiences in different countries and better call management.

Overall productivity increases by 30% because of improved campaigns and multi-channel targeting.

SMS and CTI all in one
We use both the SMS and CTI (calling) products from 360.We use the Drip Campaigns and rely heavily on the IVR (automated unattended answering of incoming calls).The best thing is that the team listens and the product is constantly evolving.

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

New capabilities allows you to be more flexible and innovative with your business communications. It takes singular dedication to upgrading your tech stack to be the best and a team that works exclusively on new tech, and we intend to give you no less. But it also means avoiding all the wrong trends, like pigeonhole-ing the app into specific use cases or hard-coding data models for different industries.

With that in mind, the 360 SMS app enriches its managed package with constant feature additions and makes them generally available to make sure you have a clear and definitive competitive edge in communication channels, effective campaigns, and call management to acquire customers for your business and corner the market.
The app also comes with inbuilt systems for you to make feature requests that you think may be helpful to users.

Now that you’re acquainted with the new capabilities, try them out in your business and enhance communications on all channels; leave no stones unturned using these new game-changing features.

Meanwhile, you can leave innovation to us so you can concentrate on expanding your business and improving the bottom line.

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