Learn what’s new with Salesforce this year

New Upgrades in Salesforce

Custom Address Field

Now you and your teams can custom address field that imitates the behavior of the standard address field to improve address data accuracy and user experiences.

In Summer ‘22 release, Address as a Custom Field is in Beta.

Before using the default picklist, ensure that the State and Country picklists are enabled.

Dynamic Related Lists in Lightning App Builder

This is a highly anticipated feature in Salesforce. Now you and your teams can customize and filter related lists.

Also, using the “Dynamic Related List Single” component, users can customize Related lists in the Lightning App Builder.

This eliminates the need for adding and configuring related lists within the Object Page Layouts view. You can configure the fields you want to display and their order, choose how many records you want to display, and also decide which actions you want to be available.

Share Individual Campaigns with Peers in Lightning

Now campaign owners can manually share individual campaign records with other Salesforce users.

Earlier, this capability was available in Classic, but now it is also available in Lightning Experience.

Reports & Dashboards

This summer release has come up with a lot of new upgrades in the concern of reports and dashboards. You can

Control the view of tabular reports by limiting the number of rows appearing in your reports.

Filter one or multiple standard/custom objects while creating a new report.

Use the median function within the Reporting Summary Functions

Perform in-line editing and edit multiple fields and records without re-running Reports. This saves plenty of time for you and your teams.

Enable Person Account without Salesforce Experts

The good news is that now you do not have to depend on Salesforce Support to enable a person’s account.

With a guided setup, you can enable a person’s account yourself. You do not need to contact Salesforce support or raise a ticket for the same.

Salesforce Feedback Management

Salesforce Feedback Management has become much better with this Summer ‘22 release. It has been upgraded with shared answer banks and allows users to add company logos, and customize Thank You pages by adding company-related URLs.

So, you and your teams can harness the power of Salesforce and 360 SMS to create dynamic surveys with point and click.

New Product Names

With this summer release, Salesforce has renamed a host of products which are as follows:

1. High-Velocity Sales (HVS) has become Sales Engagement

2. MyTrailhead has become Sales Enablement

3. Marketing Cloud products renamed by Salesforce

Messaging / Journeys has become Marketing Cloud Engagement

Interaction Studio has become Marketing Cloud Personalization

Datorama has become Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Salesforce CDP has become MarketingCloud Customer Data Platform

SAdvertising Studio has become Marketing Cloud Advertising

Pardot has become Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

4. Tableau CRM has become CRM Analytics

Einstein Features

There are a few updates to Einstein in this summer release.

Using Einstein Lead Scoring, you can get an estimated idea of Return on Investment, which helps you and your teams focus in the right direction.

In addition, there is a new guided setup for Einstein Prediction Builder, which would guide users (who may not be data experts) with setup choices and help them avoid potential issues.

Besides, you can also deflect Cases by sending Knowledge articles.
You can add smart article recommendations to your Flow and answer common questions to reduce support cases.

Slack Apps

With the recent acquisition of Slack, now customers can harness the power of Salesforce and Slack together. This would help connect your teams, partners, and employees with the apps and data they need to do their work using a single platform.

Some Interesting Results

Based on the experiences and interviews with some of our clients who have used recent upgrades along with the 360 SMS app, here are some results we thought you’d find interesting.

Overall productivity increases by 15.7% due to Einstein's new capabilities.

Campaign returns improve by 12.4% because of more controlled reports and dashboards.

Quick, Easy Install & Config & Excellent Customer Service
The app is quick and easy to install. It's easy to configure from an admin perspective and very user-friendly from the agent's perspective. A huge benefit is that all the components are native to Salesforce. Also, their support team is excellent! They are quick to respond and continue to work with you through any issue until it is resolved. The team's training is superb! They are clear and concise and help to clear up any questions or confusion you have.

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping up

Keeping up with new upgrades helps you make the most of your Salesforce Org and app installs. Apps are, after all, built on top of Salesforce infrastructure.

To summarize, the latest rollout has given users quite a few gifts:

lead scoring with Einstein; smoother internal collaboration with Slack; better feedback management; more editing options for reports; easier configuration of related lists; more options for address capture.

Using these capabilities, you can reduce turnarounds, boost productivity, and improve user experiences.

So, as now you have upgraded yourself with Salesforce’s new capabilities, try implementing the ones that suit your business needs and use them in conjunction with 360 SMS.

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