Let’s work on
climate action


Climate action isn’t just for flag waving on World Environment Day. We believe it’s more than a UN sustainability goal, and more than buying carbon credits and offsets.

It’s just as much for you, for us, and the person on the street. It’ll take more of us outside of conference halls making climate-friendly decisions to fix our burning climate issues.

It’s going to take ‘planet heroes.’

That’s why we at 360 SMS are pulling up our sleeves with a renewed commitment to brainstorm on new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint, support green causes, make real impact, and have fun while doing it.

Because together we have more of a shot at solving these issues. Let’s make it happen. Let’s come #togetherforourplanet

Together, we can do more than you think

The fact that you’re a human with access to digital resources and mobility gives you so much power. Great things happen when businesses come together and pool their capabilities and resources for the greater planet-good. And our work with nonprofits has only reinforced this belief. It’s also why we embraced ‘care’ as a core value in 2022. That means care for our customers, our employees, and our community – which include the planet.

So we’re calling on all Salesforce partners, ISVs, nonprofits to join hands.

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