Send alerts for transactions and authentication

Viber usaes offline SMS as a fallback and works even on lower end feature phones

Use Viber business accounts to automate messages to customers or speak to them one-on-one to provides support

Already have a Viber Business Account?
Fill out the gaps in your messaging capabilities with 360 SMS

No limitations on number of broadcast messages and content

Use Viber communities for branded interactions loyal customers and fans that make you more accessible

Accelerate interactions by prompting customers with standard responses

Send chat links or QR codes or just advertise them to in-store shoppers
Add links and QR codes to your website to pull visitors into a conversation with your business

Check if messages have been delivered, read, or failed to send when interacting with customers

Salesforce Viber Messaging

Get a host of our most Powerful and Exclusive Messaging features and automation, now over Viber

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