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Salesforce messagingHealthcare Professionals, Here’s How You Can Improve Patient Care with Text Messaging

There was a time when texting was good for casual conversation, but not anymore.  Nowadays, almost every business vertical has adopted texting to communicate with their audiences reliably. And this includes healthcare too. 

Text messaging has dramatically revolutionized the healthcare industry. Yes, you read it right! 

Text messaging has made it feasible for healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients conveniently and provide real-time information and support. 

The rise of mobile devices and messaging apps has made it easier than ever for healthcare providers to connect with their patients, and it’s not just for appointment reminders anymore!

A survey by FICO revealed that 80% of people want to have the option to connect with healthcare service providers.

Using SMS for healthcare, professionals can get around missed appointments, exhausted medications, and unsatisfactory patient care.

Plus, healthcare service providers can provide more personalized and timely care, delivering next-level care. 

In this blog post, we will learn how important texting is in healthcare and can be used to improve patient care. 

What You Should Care About Salesforce Messaging for Healthcare

Did you know that SMS, for healthcare, can be a valuable addition to healthcare operations beyond just improving patient care? 

Let’s look closer at why texting should be a part of healthcare operations.

Streamlined Communications 

First and foremost, texting is an efficient and convenient way to communicate with colleagues, team members, and patients. 

In a fast-paced healthcare environment, every second counts, and texting allows accessible one-on-one communication with patients, team members, and colleagues, which helps them stay organized and informed.

Quick Coordination among Teams

In addition, texting can be used to coordinate logistics and schedules, such as scheduling meetings or coordinating staffing for different departments or shifts. 

This can help healthcare operations run more smoothly and reduce the risk of miscommunication or scheduling conflicts.

Seamless Internal Training and Education

Texting can also be used for internal training and education. 

For example, healthcare organizations can use texting to update new policies or procedures or deliver educational content such as training videos or quizzes.

Effective Healthcare Marketing

Finally, texting can be a valuable tool for marketing and outreach. 

Healthcare organizations can use texting to promote events or services or to provide patients with valuable health-related content, such as tips for staying healthy or updates on new treatments or therapies.

More importantly, you can run Salesforce text surveys to collect data and tailor marketing pursuits.

Improving Patient Care with Salesforce Messaging 

Texting can be used in many different ways to improve patient care. Here are a few examples:

Reduce No-Show Appointment Reminders 

Often, patients don’t get the care they deserve on time due to missed appointments. And this is a severe concern for healthcare professionals and patients too. 

To a great degree, texting can help to reduce missed appointments. You can count on SMS to send reminders before their meeting. 

This can help patients remember the appointment and ensure they arrive on time.

Send Medication Reminders using Salesforce Messaging

Medication adherence is another major issue in healthcare, particularly for patients with chronic conditions. 

Salesforce messaging can remind patients to refill their medication on time, improving adherence and overall health outcomes. With SMS drip campaigns, you can schedule reminders at various intervals to ensure medicines are refilled on time without a miss.

This can be particularly helpful for patients who are on complex medication regimens or who may have difficulty remembering to refill their medication regularly.

Share Test Results and Reports 

Let’s talk about the traditional way of collecting trust results and reports. Patients must pay a physical visit to collect reports, which could be frustrating and lead to anxiety.

A delay in test report collection is also possible if the concerned person is busy due to a hectic schedule. 

Salesforce texting can be the best and quick method to share test results and reports with patients without delay. 

This helps healthcare firms to serve patients better and eliminate the factor that can contribute to patient anxiety.

Follow-up Post-Discharge for Care 

Follow-up care is an integral part of healthcare, particularly for patients recovering from a procedure or managing a chronic condition. 

Text message Salesforce can be used to follow up with patients after a visit or procedure, providing guidance or support as needed and ensuring that patients are on track with their care plan. 

This can help improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of complications.

Impart Health Education 

Patient education is an integral part of healthcare. 

Salesforce messaging can provide patients with educational resources related to their health condition or treatment plan, empowering them to take an active role in their care. 

For a speedy patient recovery, you can use texting to share tips for better health, diet plan, preventive measures, etc. 

This can help patients better understand their health condition and make informed decisions about their care.

Monitor Patient Remotely 

Patients with chronic conditions need more care and attention, and healthcare firms should be able to deliver that, irrespective of the patient’s location.

Salesforce text messages provide a reliable tool to monitor patients remotely. They can regularly follow up with patients, track their progress, and intervene if necessary. 

This eliminates the need for hospital readmissions and helps to improve patient outcomes.

Redefine the Way you Care for Your Patients with Salesforce Messaging

Salesforce messaging has emerged as a powerful tool for healthcare providers to improve patient care. Texting allows providers to communicate promptly and efficiently with patients, share important information, provide reminders and follow-up care, and coordinate care between providers. Texting can also enhance patient engagement and satisfaction by providing a convenient and accessible means of communication. However, it is essential to ensure secure and HIPAA-compliant messaging to protect patient privacy which is possible with the help of the right Salesforce messaging app.

As technology advances, texting will become an even more integral part of healthcare communication and coordination, helping providers deliver better care and improve patient outcomes. To learn more about how a full-fledged texting solution can help revamp healthcare operations, connect with our experts at or click here to contact us.