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WhatsApp for Enterprise Communication: Collaborate Better & Connect Faster with Employees

Ostensibly, effective communication at the workplace plays a vital role to improve productivity and efficiency in any organization. By providing liberty to  employees to share their thoughts and ideas, organizations can value them and foster employee engagement.  

On the contrary, processes become more streamlined with the consistent exchange of updates, progress, ideas, etc. reducing the likeliness of conflicts between teams and heading towards stronger teams.

Bring Down Communication Barriers Between Remote Teams

Without a doubt, the pandemic has shown a significant impact on the working routines of the organization. Owing to the fact, anyone can witness a drastic change in the work culture and business management strategies. To mention, one of the biggest ones is the remote working culture. And seamless communication is the most challenging part while working with remote teams.   

Thus, to cater to the communication needs of ‘new normal’ business models, WhatsApp is proving to be the best bet. Apart from reinforcing business communications, WhatsApp holds enough potential to support internal business communications. Let’s find out how WhatsApp can help you to have seamless communication with your employees.

Instant Connectivity With Employees

Long back, business communications were dependent upon emails only due to a lack of enough options to interact. But now WhatsApp has taken the business communication whole to a new level providing employees a ubiquitous means to connect anywhere, anytime.

Letting businesses tap into chatting culture, WhatsApp has paved the way for easy employee interaction via group chat and share important files too.

Further, the fastest readability of text messages is one of the compelling reasons that make texts a perfect fit to pass time-sensitive information too.

Shrink Onboarding Time Frame With Automation

From sourcing to onboarding, the human resource department has numerous tasks to deal with. Besides, a lot of queries that come across from new joiners deteriorate the situation and stretch the timeframe of HR activities. Thus, for a successful onboarding process, HR needs to engage and educate every aspect of the company’s work culture clearly.

Apart from this, HR needs to be on their toes to educate new employees repeatedly in case an employee is not clear with something or has forgotten any piece of information.

With WhatsApp, you can easily fasten your onboarding process, automating it with the help of the WhatsApp bot. Whether an employee is facing a problem in filling a form, understanding any rule, culture, policy, or in regards to documentation, a bot can help at every step smoothening the onboarding process.

Capture Employee’s Opinion

The biggest reason for the high attrition rate is employee dissatisfaction in an organization. Therefore, every organization needs to track how employees feel about the organization and what are their opinions and reviews. 

So, to reach a large number of employees in one go, bulk WhatsApp messages can help you to conduct surveys effortlessly in no time. Usually, the collection of feedback isn’t that easy, especially when teams are scattered in different locations. But using WhatsApp, not only you can connect with your employees promptly but complete the process in much-reduced time.

Convey Information on Change in Shifts 

The smooth running of any business is directly associated with the smooth functioning of its employees. Informing teams operating at different locations about change in shift timings have been a continuous challenge for organizations.

WhatsApp eliminates hassles of communicating last-minute shift changes and absenteeism that occurs due to outdated information. It allows you to apprise your employees in a much faster way, keeping everyone organized and up-to-date.

Narrowed Communication Gap, Better Collaboration Between Remote Teams

Organizations  always have a lot of information to convey to their new and old employees. Further, a rise in the remote work culture due to the emergence of Covid-19 has worsened the situation, broadening the communication gap between employees.

Amidst all, WhatsApp is proving to be the best bet for internal business communications. It leads the way for more personalized and secure communications along with better collaboration among teams. Most importantly, with the most familiar chatting interface, it is easy to bring it into use. There’s no need for additional training, and employees can save a pretty good time with the help of automation.