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Pre-qualified leadsStruggling with Low Conversions? Here are 3 Ways Pre-Qualified Leads can Help

Have you ever thought about why business leads don’t convert?

Probably, you are pursuing a lead that’s unfit for your business.

In a business, client-facing agents have to deal with hundreds of inquiries on a daily basis. But every type of inquiry and lead needs some prep work before agents send them to the sales team. This is where most business firms lack.

As a result, it gets difficult for the sales team to convert leads, which results in low conversions. This is why marketers must qualify leads first. This way, marketers can hand over pre-qualified leads that are worth pursuing and are more likely to convert.

What is a pre-qualified lead?

A pre-qualified lead is a potential customer who has met the criteria you’ve defined to be eligible for purchase.

Lead qualification is a process in which you find out whether a person who has expressed in your product or service is the right fit or not. And the best part is that you can easily qualify leads over SMS

This way, you can segment the potential customers to whom you can pitch your business offering as a solution.

How Pre-Qualified Leads Help Businesses

  • Allows you to Invest Time in Leads Worth Pursuing

Not every incoming lead needs your time and effort. This is because some business leads can be irrelevant to your business.

And irrelevant leads can be the one that hardly needs your product or looking for a specific capability that you don’t provide. Pursuing such business leads can be a waste of time and effort.

On the flip side, when you’ve pre-qualified leads by your side, you invest your energy in the leads that are more likely to convert. You can easily qualify leads with Salesforce texting.

Thus, your efforts hardly go in vain, and you get the best returns on what you put in.

  • Reduces Sales Team Selling Effort 

Half of the sales team’s job is already done when the marketing team transfers pre-qualified leads to the sales team.

They don’t have to start from scratch as they have sufficient information about potential customers.

They can use the collected information like their buying habits, business needs, pain points, etc., to tailor their sales pitch and adopt a personalized approach to convert leads. 

  • Helps with More Conversions

Handing the list of pre-qualified leads to the sales team can drastically boost your conversion rate.

When sales teams work on pre-qualified leads, they invest their time and energy in real-revenue opportunities.

In other words, sales teams chase customers who are truly interested in your business offerings. Thus, teams can close deals faster and improve their sales count.

Maximize Conversions with Qualified Leads

Lead qualification is an important step that businesses can’t afford to miss. Working on leads without qualifying them may lead the sales team to invest time and effort in the wrong direction. 

This adversely impacts the conversion rate. With pre-qualified leads, the sales team can invest their energy in the potential buyers who meet the pre-determined criteria for buying and are more likely to convert. This helps businesses drive more conversions with less effort.

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