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Increase Your Company’s Sales By Using Salesforce Text Marketing Functionality

Marketing is the term which is given when a company chooses to advertise it’s goods and services and also sell & deliver it to the clients. Marketing is a very broad term that made up of small parts all of them doing a specific job. Marketing is when the goods & services are sold or delivered to the clients, a company was intending to sell them to. Advertising is only a part of marketing and it consists of getting the Outlook of the product or service so fluent that people are compelled to buy and try it. While advertising does the majority of the work in marketing, the process of selling the goods and services and even delivering them to the right people also holds a particular amount of value in the process which collectively known as marketing.

What’s Text Marketing?

Text marketing is a mode of marketing where firms advertise their goods and services over private text messages which can be on any platform from phone messages to messages on WhatsApp & other social media platforms to email as well. Sending or receiving group messages in a group and broadcasting messages also comes under the text marketing. Text marketing is the most popular way of advertising goods and making people ready to purchase them quite amicably because in text marketing clients get the illusion of being Better and different from the rest of the people as they receive those messages. When marketing on platforms like WhatsApp and others, corporations should remember that buyers often judge the product or service by its picture and the description that follows, so it is very essential to be clear as a day in the specifics of a service or product, whether it is in the description or the image of that product.
360 SMS APP also provides text messaging functionality for Salesforce users and the app works in Salesforce Lightning, Salesforce Classic and Salesforce 1 automatically without additional configuration.

What is Salesforce Text Marketing?

Salesforce is a cloud computing company which offers a platform for businesses to automatically route and intensify important events to their clients. Since it’s a company based on the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection available at that place. Salesforce provides an interface to the organizations and is easy to manage and very handy for sending out important messages and emails to the clients with the click of a button. Salesforce Text Marketing easy to handle & work with. This group provides a platform where customers can chat with the employees in a particular company and track their own work among other things.

Salesforce is an astounding technology that provides the businesses with a platform to create, manage customer access portals, send out email campaigns & purchase, lease or create an application for the firm’s billing quickly. Above all that Salesforce also offers cloud services like Salesforce sales cloud, chatter, marketing cloud and more that can be used for connecting your company to your employees or do various other tasks in a quick and easy way. The features offered by Salesforce can be used by a firm’s marketing and sales team where they can inquire previous data, make amends & input new data on the interface which is easy to handle & work on.

There is furthermore to Salesforce SMS marketing than simply sending texts. If a company wants to tap into this ripe market

 Salesforce Text Marketing Functionalities That Helps To Grow Your Business:

AUTOMATED/TRIGGERED TEXTING: Send Messages with Workflows, Process Builders or Apex Methods

CONVERSATIONAL 1-ON-1 TEXTING: Threaded text messages on any object with Conversation View VF page.

BATCH TEXTING AKA BULK SMS: Easy Batch Texting aka Bulk SMS Via Views, Reports, or Campaign.

HYPERLINK CLICK TRACKING: App comes with an extreme feature, where you can add a hyperlink to your SMS and also, you can track the same.
SMS TEMPLATE: Easy to create and customizable with any object and associated fields!

EMAIL ALERTS ON INCOMING SMS: Email Reply to Incoming Notifications sends SMS Response – must Mobile Users!

All these functionalities are available in 360 SMS APP, this APP even provides much more than mentioned above.
If you are looking to use a salesforce SMS app for your business, then 360 SMS will be the best solution for you.

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