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SMS for mortgageMortgage Lenders – Keep Borrowers Coming Back with these Timeless Automated Messages

Effective communication at various stages is something that helps to strengthen the bond with customers, deliver superior experiences with your brand, and earn customer loyalty.

And this applies to the mortgage industry too. Text allied to automation provides you with enough opportunities to automate interaction with borrowers at various stages. 

As a result, mortgage lenders can connect with borrowers at the right time without manual intervention. Well-timed communication with borrowers turns the entire lending process easier for mortgage lenders and allows them to close more opportunities.

So, here are a few types of texts that would help you take your mortgage operations and borrower’s experiences to the next level.

Automated SMS for Mortgage Communications

  • Automate Text to Seize the Opportunity Right away

It won’t be prudent to assume that a borrower contacts only a single mortgage agency at a time.

Chances are high that a borrower has contacted several other mortgage lending agencies and waiting for responses.

In such scenarios, the mortgage agency that responds first would seize the opportunity right away. Also, that agency will have a fair chance to win the deal.

So, using Salesforce SMS for mortgage operations, they can automate a response text template when any lead sends an inquiry or fills out a form to send an immediate response and engage instantly.

  • Automate Questionnaires for Qualifying Borrowers

Another mortgage process where you can use automated Salesforce SMS is for data capturing.

Rather than getting on long calls with borrowers to understand their requirements, you can configure decision trees or nested questionnaires and capture data at scale.

You can automate interactive questions which would be triggered in the event of incoming assigned keywords. This way, you can capture data in detail and qualify loan borrowers.

  • Send Mortgage Installment Reminders along with Payment URLs

Another way to incorporate automated text in your mortgage operations is to send installment reminders.

Using Salesforce automated message, you do not need to keep track of such time-sensitive messages and you can collect installments timely.

Also, you can prevent your borrowers from the inconvenience and late payment fees.

So, to provide ease of payment, you can add an on-brand payment URL in your reminder text.

This would instill trust in borrowers and helps them with one-touch payment.

  • Automate Greetings for Long-Term Relationships

Valuing your customers helps to build long-term relationships.

And to do so, wishing your borrowers, agents and other partners is a good approach.

You can run Salesforce reports and schedule them to send life events wishes without a miss.

You can send wishes on birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals to greet your customers.

This way, you can make your customers feel special.

  • Share Loan Application Updates

It is essential to keep them updated about their loan application progress, even before they ask to deliver superior experiences to your borrowers. 

This is where mortgage lenders can count on automated texts to share updates when the loan application stage changes.

This would help your borrowers stay updated about their loan applications and progress.

Redefine Mortgage Communications with well-Timed Messages

Whether it is an ongoing loan process or if the deal is closed, there are countless ways to use automated SMS for mortgage operations. Apart from the different ways mentioned in this blog, you can send automated texts for collecting reviews, or you can ‘Thankyou’ text after the deal is closed to reinforce your bond with borrowers. Automated SMS helps mortgage lenders reduce turnarounds and accelerate communications for faster deal closure.

To know more about how 360 SMS helps to manage mortgage communications faster and conveniently, get in touch with our experts at or contact us here.