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SMS Templates: Best Ever Privilege for 360 SMS App Users

Salesforce never fails to satisfy its customers when it comes to bringing new features or updating the older ones. It has been doing wonders for all those business enterprises who utilize the cloud space for managing their huge database in an efficient manner. Salesforce provides its customers with various apps on its AppExchange platform as well that can be used by the users to make the most out of them. One of the most powerful apps includes those of the texting apps for Salesforce which come with exceptional functionalities to allure the users in the best way possible and make their work easier. These Salesforce Texting apps are highly beneficial for the majority of the firms and help them by reducing their workload simultaneously.

send SMS from SalesforceMajority of these apps are providing their users with the perfect blend of functionalities from simple to complex. They might vary from simple functions of single, bulk texting to the advanced functions like Surveys, Campaigns, etc. that might save your time as well as money. Talking about the most advanced features that a Salesforce powered texting app can provide you with, there comes 360 SMS App. It is a 5 star rated app with the most user-friendly interface on the AppExchange platform. It is serving its customers in the best way possible for the last few years. It never misses an opportunity to ease the work for its users and make the most out of it. It consists of multiple advanced functionalities including those of Bulk Texting, Survey, Hyperlink Tracking, etc. But it also consists of a next-level feature that hardly any other texting app for Salesforce would be consisting of. That feature is named as the ‘SMS Template’. This can be explained as the feature where you can save and store a set of predefined statements which you usually type again and again on the repetition of that particular event.

For e.g. – If you send a welcome message to your customers each time you create a contact, this is a time-consuming process and hence, there is a possibility that you can miss out on your important tasks. But with the help of SMS Template, you can always create a specialized template for whenever you send the repeated messages to your customers. And choose them manually over other templates that would save your time as you would not be needing to type the same message over and over again. That can be done separately for all the other departments along with having different names for each such template. With the help of this special feature, you do not even need to worry about the name with which the message would be sent out to, as with the generation of a separate formula, the name of the specific person would automatically be populated in the message even if it is sent out to people in bulk.

Opting for 360 SMS App today can provide you with the privilege of getting this feature for free (without any extra costs) and utilizing it to the maximum level. Connect with our experts today and get started. It’s never too late if you wish to change for good! Visit now, book a free demo for yourself and get ready to explore the endless opportunities with Salesforce.

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