Do You Love Sending out Greetings and Offers? Let’s Schedule Festival Messages

Message-Sending Routines and Tone you Should Consider

By selecting the right messages-sending routine during festivals, you can lay the groundwork for a buying environment, reduce turnarounds, and communicate more effectively during festivals.

Every festival carries a different essence, and it should reflect on your festival brand messages when you send text messages from Salesforce. So while drafting festival messages, keep the spirit of celebrations in mind. Be consistent with tone in all messages and keep it fun, lighthearted, and cheerful.

To pick the right message-sending routine, keep your goals in mind. If you’re planning to run festival campaigns, opt for SMS drip campaigns to target audiences on different channels and drive engagement.

While sending offers, discounts, deals, etc., at scale, you should perform Salesforce bulk texting from customer reports to cut on manual intervention and accelerate text operations.

Various Festival Messages You Can Send


Opt-in Text

During the festival season, you can increase subscribers by enticing them to opt-in to updates. This will help you avoid landing in SPAM.

You can schedule Salesforce SMS messages talking about festivals and ask them to opt-in to receive the latest updates and offers on festivals.


Festival Greetings

One way to use SMS is to schedule festival greetings in advance.

You can automate festival greetings to send a special brand message or video link depending on your priority and target countries. This will help you build and reinforce your relationship with customers and stand out in the crowd of competitors.

This will also help you improve your brand reputation by valuing your prospects, customers, and festivals.


Time-Sensitive Discounts and Offers

Brands usually roll out new offers and discounts to make festivals more special.

So, you can schedule texts to announce discounts, offers, new collections, and fresh arrivals.

You can offer an extra discount for a limited period on festivals.

This way, you can make deals and offers time-sensitive and drive quick responses and conversions during festivals.

You can add URLs redirecting to deals and discount pages to land your audiences conveniently on the desired page.



After sending a text with deals, discounts, and offers; you can send a follow-up text to nudge your prospects and customers.

You can follow up and ask customers whether they have claimed their free reward, coupons, or availed of discounts, etc. This will help you engage with prospects and customers during the festival season.



Further, you can schedule reminder texts for the ones who haven’t made the purchase even after a follow-up text. You can remind them about the limited-time deal, and incrementing the price a little everyday to create a sense of urgency.

This will help you drive conversions.

So, this is how you can extend the usage of text messages during festivals instead of limiting the use of text messages to just greetings.


Post-Festival RoundUp

Leaving a good aftertaste is essential to reinforce relationships with customers.

You can automate messages with exclusive coupons, request feedback, or get them to opt-in to early bird promotions for the next festival.

This way, you can keep your prospects and audiences hooked.

Some Interesting Outcomes Reported by Users who Scheduled Texts during Festivals

Based on the customer’s interviews, here are some outcomes reported by our users who scheduled texts for festivals.

Repeat purchases increase by upto 87% because of better relationships and brand engagement.

Overall sales increased by 200% because of more responses and engagement than when no message templates were sent.

I love this product!
Seamless integration makes it so easy to build automated campaigns. I appreciate the level of service I got from the technical support team.

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Wrapping Up

Everyone loves wishes, discounts, and festivals. Text messages provide you with the most convenient way to connect with your prospects and customers and make the best out of festivals.

You can easily maximize your sales by tapping into the festival mindset by scheduling the given text at the right interval. On the flip side, you can also make your prospects and customers happy by providing irresistible deals and offers to keep them coming back.

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