Everyone Loves Personalized Birthday Wishes – Set them up for your Prospects and Customers

Use Automated SMS, MMS, or WhatsApp to Wish Customers Creatively

The best thing you and your teams can do is schedule birthday texts. Firstly, you and your teams can create birthday SMS templates with ‘Merge fields’ in advance for faster text operations. The merge field option lets you add fields you want to merge in a text and personalize text messages without much effort.

In the next step, you can apply filters to create a list of customers whose birthday falls on a specific date and schedule messages using SMS templates. To wish your prospects and customers more innovatively, you can schedule and send personalized greeting cards or short videos through MMS or WhatsApp. Also, you can add an exclusive deal or discount in birthday texts to make your prospect’s and customer’s birthday more special.

Schedule Salesforce Reports to Run Daily

Bulk messaging from reports lets you connect with millions in one go. Also, you can configure criteria for Salesforce reports and schedule them to run on a daily basis. Thus, you can schedule birthday templated messages and send birthday messages daily. Make sure you apply criteria while creating a report only.

Send Voice Messages for Personalizing Greetings in your Own Voice

Another way to wish your prospects and customers by adding a human touch to your birthday greetings is through voice messages. Just as SMS templates, you can record voice notes and create voice templates in advance. You can record these voice messages in your own voice or upload a recording from your computer to create templates. Later, you can also schedule birthday voice notes to send them at a specified date and time.

Send Wishes through Coding and Batch Scheduler to Run at Midnight

You can also use Apex codes and batch scheduler for SMS automation. But for this, you need the developer’s assistance. So, if you want to send birthday messages at midnight, you can count on coding work and batch scheduler. You and your teams can also decide if they want to run the batch scheduler once or repeatedly.

Some Interesting Results

Based on the interviews with some of our clients, here are some interesting outcomes they witnessed after they started sending Birthday greetings:

Overall sales increase by 12.7% due to deals and discounts offered on Birthdays.

Customer engagement improves by 24.6% because of better relationships.

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Wrapping Up

A simple birthday wish can make a world of difference in brand perception. Birthday greetings also pave the way to show your prospects and customers that you care about them and their life events. This further helps build and nurture relationships, and you can expect a loyal following.

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