Tricks to Manage all your Conversations from One View

Here’s how you can manage all conversations from a single window

Say you’ve run Salesforce reports to connect with audiences at scale, as you can have audiences in millions.

After 2 or 3 keywords are down, the list of interested and engaged customers narrows down and segments itself by the amount of responses which can be interpreted as levels of interest. Based on their responses, you might want to take action for a specific audience segment or interest level. This is where the 360 SMS conversation manager can help.

No matter at which stage of a customer lifecycle your customers are, even if they are in buying stage, you can funnel your audiences or segment them and create a list.

Further, you can use that list to automate text messages in Salesforce, send your next Salesforce text, gather responses on a specific topic, send Salesforce bulk SMS messages, or run campaigns. Also, you can segment interested customers and decide whom salespeople should call.

By applying criteria and keyword filters in the conversation manager, you can get a view and take actions on specific types or records and speed up conversations.

You can create new records, edit existing records, converse one-on-one with audiences, perform inline editing, and export filtered views in PDF or Excel- all these you can do on one screen.

You do not have to jump between chat windows to get any kind of data, as you can configure the views you want.

What Outcomes users reported after using a single window console

Here are some results reported by users based on the client’s interviews who used the single window console.

Employee efficiency increases by 32.3% because of less navigation and faster operations.

Overall sales increased by 22.8% due to more time and faster response to campaign texts.

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Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping Up

A single window console allows you to drill down into the reports.

Therefore, your search becomes more granular; you get granular data which is very rich, and you get lots of attributes. This helps you get into more targeted and meaningful interactions.

You can perform most of the operations using one window pane, which reduces navigation and prevents you from switching between multiple chat windows.

Consequently, you can manage conversations at scale faster and more effectively without struggling to collect essential data. You can get hold of data with just a few clicks, making things easier for you.

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