Get to know your Dedicated Account Manager at 360 SMS

Vast Industry Knowledge

Our dedicated account managers have exposure to 30+ industries which enrich them with knowledge from versatile industries and use-cases.

Your Business Success is Their Sole Mission

The sole mission of your dedicated account manager is to make you and your business succeed. Your success in every sphere is what motivates and makes your account managers happy.
Whether that’s sales, service and support, marketing, operations, or anything else.

So don’t hold back and let them know exactly what you’re looking for.

They’re 5-star rated for Customer Support and Success

Our AMs connect you to customer success teams to build superior configurations and customizations across a breadth of platforms to resolve all pain points promptly in the client’s time zone.

They Share Lasting, Genuine Concern

Your dedicated account managers lasts with you far beyond than you can think.

Our relationships are built on long-term trust. We care for business long after onboarding, so your teams and business unit leaders can rest easy.

Your Feedback Matters the Most to them

Dedicated account managers hang on to every word you say. Their work doesn’t end after collecting feedback from you. In fact, that’s where it starts.

Depending on your feedback, they work with in-house teams to cater to your requirements and serve you with what you’re looking for.

More importantly, account managers follow a holistic approach and keep an eye on feature improvements that can be implemented to update product features for all our partners and customers.

Resourceful and technically sound

There’s nothing they can’t do for you. We have certified teams at every level that can help you with simple to complex custom development. No matter what capability you are looking for, you can share your concerns and leave them to your account managers. 

Some interesting results

Here are some surprising outcomes shared by some of our clients after seeking assistance from their dedicated account managers.

New users report that business productivity increases by 30% simply because of the appropriate solution given by a dedicated account managers.

Employee efficiency improves by 40% for our clients that deploy automation suggested by AMs.

They’ve worked with us since day one.Strongly recommend 360 SMS.
Thanks for all your help integrating text-based operations. into our Salesforce licenses.

I looked around for months on end for an app that integrated with Salesforce. (The one that came with Jungo just didn’t cut.)

They’ve helped us many times with simple texting, mass texting which we’ll be using more of.

360 SMS stuck it out with us and helped to get things set up the way we wanted and didn’t turn us away when others would have.
We thank them and appreciate the time they spent helping us.

Angelo Datseris
Mortgage Specialist, Leverage Lending Group Charlotte,
North Carolina

Facing Issues? Just call in to an Account Manager

Contacting your dedicated account managers should be the first thing in your mind when you’re seeking help or facing any issue while using the 360 SMS app to get the best solution.

They can get you a solution faster and help you grab opportunities in time with relevant solutions whenever you’re stuck.

Don’t know your account manager yet? Reach out to us at and one will reach out to you.

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