10 Effective Ways to Improve your Services via Messaging

Here's how you can improve services through messages


Send URLs for Feedback Form

One of the best ways to plug business loopholes and services is to know about customer’s experiences and their opinions on business offerings.

But collecting feedback over a call can be challenging and stretch service teams thin.

In such situations, service teams can count on text messages to collect feedback at scale after a deal is closed. They can send a URL redirecting to a feedback form or short survey page to capture opinions in detail.

Feedback text


Render Support through Text

Often customers are more comfortable chatting at their convenience instead of talking over a phone. So, try delivering maximum support through texts.

Also, allow your customers to reach out to you and open a support case by texting a ubiquitous keyword like ‘HELP’. That way, someone on your service team can jump into a one-on-one conversation to resolve their concerns faster, but not before.


Notify Clients with Ticket information

No matter how a client has reached your business – a call, text, or email – you and the service team can use SMS to send them ticket information.

Using texts, you can inform customers that a ticket has been created along with the ticket number and name of the service representative assigned to look after the support case.

This gives customers confidence that their issues are being actively looked into and escalated.

Text with ticket information


Send Self-help Articles based on the Query

Long call or chat sessions can also annoy customers and ruin their experiences with a brand.

So, to avoid long support sessions, you and your service team can use text messages to send URLs redirecting to ‘Self-help’ articles and provide detailed information conveniently.

Text for sending Help-article


Update Customers about Support Ticket Progress

Customers are always eager to know about the progress of the ticket raised. To prevent customers from making repetitive calls and following up, you or service agents can proactively trigger automated updates about the ticket progress at every stage.

This way, you can keep customers informed about everything happening behind the scenes to resolve their issues. This should help with customer anxiety.

Text for ticket progress


Notify customers about Case Closure

Once a customer’s query is resolved successfully notify the customer about the case closure. This will help customers stay informed even at the end-stage.

Text to notify case closure


Send Renewal Reminder

75% of revenue at most businesses comes from repeat customers.
Your most trusted customers can be the source of continuing revenue if you’ve kept them happy and informed (though SMS should help you get there).

This is especially true if customers are subscribed to services like critical loyalty and insurance programs. In such cases, customer can afford their service covered to lapse when they need them most.

This makes prompt service critical and a timely reminder for an upcoming premium date can be the difference between a renewal and a cancellation.

To avoid such mishaps, service teams can engage with existing customers before the expiry of a subscription, membership, or policy by sending a renewal reminder. You can also sweeten the deal by adding a limited-time offer in the reminder text.

Renewal Reminder


Send reminders for meeting invites

For many businesses and sales teams, meetings can be bread and butter.

But life happens, customers get busy, and it’s difficult for customers to keep track of every meeting or appointment scheduled. Hence, the service teams can send meeting reminders two or three days before the meeting to help their customers.

This will help to redefine your service pattern and avoid no-shows.

Meeting Reminder


Chatbots for Improving CSAT

Chatbots are about as ubiquitous as an automated 2-way interaction can get.
You might’ve had some sour experiences with chatbots that are too hard to setup.

Not 360 SMS.

You can use a completely extensible chatbot and build sequences of questions and answers with just point-and-click. And it works on 7 channels, including SMS.

One great way to put a is to use chatbots to enable support 24*7 to customers and answer the most common and frequently asked questions when the relevant keywords are entered.

Another way is to route complex issues to the relevant department based on data collected by chatbots.

This way, agents can be prepped in advance with the appropriate solution and resolve inquiries over the first call. This will further help to improve First Call Resolution and customer satisfaction.


Ask for ideas and inspirations to Improve Services

It isn’t always necessary to use surveys or forms to capture public opinion.
Instead, a single text can also work to collect a variety of ideas to improve business services and add value.

Bulk text messaging can help you scale messaging connect with millions of customers to capture unique ideas and inspirations which can help enrich your current offerings.

Text for collecting ideas

Some Interesting Outcomes

Based on the interviews of clients and their service team, here are some outcomes they reported after using texts for improving service.

Overall returns increase by 40% because of improved customer acquisition and retention rate.

Customer acquisition rate improves by 30% due to better services by a brand.

Service and support TAT is reduced by 30% because of automated texts.

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Wrapping Up

Qualitative services always reflect in your brand reputation and returns.

By providing superior quality services than competing vendors, you can easily build a loyal following, acquire new customers, and retain old ones. Prompt SMS alerts can help you increase service levels, responsiveness, and customer fulfillment.

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