Salesforce Omnichannel on 360 SMS: Boost CSAT by Routing Cases effectively

Here are some compelling reasons to help you learn why everyone uses Omnichannel for case routing

Firms these days interact with clients in various ways.

So, managing all those incoming inquiries on different channels can be challenging for agents. This is where omnichannel and 360 SMS come into play.

Omnichannel routing is a method in which customer queries are distributed on different service channels to ensure every query is assigned to the best-suited agent.

Reduces Customer Wait Times through Intelligent Routing

One thing which omnichannel routing helps with is to connect the customers and the right agent faster. If an agent in the omnichannel routing queue is away or unavailable, it automatically routes the case to the next available agent.

This reduces the wait times for customers and leads to quality customer experiences.

Reduces Resolution Time

Using omnichannel for case routing, you can automatically route cases based on skill, location, support case weightage, etc.

When you route cases based on skills, it matches the desired skills required to resolve a query and the available agent’s skills at the backend.

Firms can define parameters for skill-based routing like certifications, language, product knowledge, etc. And based on that, the support cases will be routed. This way, the support case is routed to the agent possessing the right skill set for query handling, which helps to reduce resolution time.

This helps customers to get the best and most appropriate support from the agent with the right skill set, irrespective of the channel the customer used to interact.

Similarly, in the case of weightage-based routing, you can define the number of support cases you want a particular employee to handle. You can route more cases to juniors and fewer cases to seniors.

What’s even more interesting is you do not need to code for all this. You can configure all this with point-and-click and use it in 360 SMS for the entire routing process.

Keeps Customer's Frustration At Bay, Preventing them from Repeating Themselves

When you use omnichannel for case routing, it creates a complete ticket along with the chat history. So, you can view the complete chat transcript and associate it with a case or lead.

Generally, the chat ends when a client leaves in between due to a call or responds late while chatting. So a customer has to start the conversation again with a new agent. This could irate a customer.

But with the 360 SMS texting, even if a client responds late, the conversation starts from where a customer left it last, preventing the client from repeating the concern.

Some Surprising Outcomes

Here are some surprising results based on the experiences and interviews with some of our clients who used Omnichannel and 360 SMS for case routing

Resolution time reduces by 28.7% as the case is now routed to the best-suited agent.

Customer retention improves by nearly 21% because of better call handling and quality interactions.

Great Product and Great Implementation Team
The team at 360 SMS was great, they really rolled out their product for us and their team was amazing. We asked for some features that weren't "live" yet and they built out exactly what we needed for our team to help us successfully use Salesforce, OmniChannel Routing, and understand our complex structure.

Verified Review, Excerpted from AppExchange

Wrapping up

Now that you’re aware of how omnichannel helps with support case management, you can redefine your customer service patterns with omnichannel allied to the 360 SMS app.

You can route cases intelligently to ensure that cases routes to the qualified agents, no matter which channel the client has contacted. Use this to your advantage and reduce customer wait and resolution time, to keep customer satisfaction levels high and anxiety low.

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