SURPRISE TIP: Here’s some well-tested, pro-level advice

You need to do 2 things

Find your target audience

Find people in your current database that have bought from you.

Look at which of them have money, which of them are on the same wavelength as you when you talk to them, and which of them respect the work you do and the value you bring (ie. can clearly see your value and don’t nitpick on/ micromanage your work later).

Now, look for a ‘throughline.’ Common attributes that bind these people together – these should be measurable or visible. The more attributes the better. Apply these filters and look for similar people throughout your data base. Also use this to draft an ideal ‘initial’ persona for a buyer.

Voila, customers!

Write a ‘flyer’ for the audience’s secret desire

Now identify the top secret desire among secret desire for THIS DATABASE. What’s the one relatable situation and desire they identify with? HOW can you solve it? How MUCH can you solve it?

That’s your hook. Your opening message.
Not a sales message. Not a product sale.
But an invitation to solve a problem.

Invite the customer over, and help them solve a problem without ever even mentioning a product.

Invite them over. Truly help them – without the product – and cement a relationship as their problem solver.

Why? Because they don’t even know if your product can help them yet. Mentioning your product when your customer needs help can ONLY CREATE CONFUSION.

Now that that’s settled, we write.

See that? No selling. Just help. Help that understands the customer, speaks to their situation and secret desire, and knows what they want.

It’s the kind of help that gets lots of callbacks on the right database.
You’re welcome. Now try out this model on your database.

Tell us how well it went.

If you face issues, you can always email us and we’ll point out how you can make campaigns like this better and more pointed.

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